My First Post

Here it is.  My first post!  I’ve been told that I should have a blog.  I follow A LOT of blogs from the MTBoS.  I started reading last year over winter break and haven’t been able to stop.  Now I’m gonna try to blog myself.

I am in my second year of teaching sixth grade math at a school just outside Chicago.  My school is incredibly diverse and my colleagues are amazing.  In my district, there is only one level of math in 6th and 7th grade, but students can skip ahead an entire grade level and eventually take Geometry in 8th grade.  This sort-of-tracking brings a lot of pressure to math classes, especially at my school.

I am super interested in using technology in the classroom.  I have used a lot of the ideas I’ve gotten from blogs in my classroom.  Nine times out of ten these ideas work really well…but there are definitely some times where my classroom management struggles get the best of an idea.  It’s still something I’m working on.

The title of my blog can be translated to “The Mathematical Life”.  I speak French and am endorsed to teach it…I miss it a lot.  It’s hard to keep up with it so I’ll also try to write some French in my blog posts as well.

Je suis un peu nerveuse mais aussi heureuse à l’idée du blog!

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