Pi Day Digits

This is a post that has been just waiting for me to upload pictures so it is very late.

The week before Pi Day we were doing PARCC testing so that Thursday we didn’t have any testing but could not have kids do any “rigorous” academic activity.  So my team decided to have the kids rotating around the rooms and that meant that I saw about 150 kids that day for about 45 minutes each.  I decided to celebrate Pi Day a little early.  I showed some videos (Pi Day Rebecca Black until 2:20, Lose Yourself In the Digits, What Pi Sounds Like, What Is the Value of Pi, and my favorite Mathematical Pi Song).  I talked a little bit about what pi is because in sixth grade, pi isn’t anywhere in our curriculum.  I mentioned about how my second cousin almost got the world record for most digits of pi recited but then was beat out.  And then I tell them how we are going to all own a piece of pi.  So after seeing what Sarah Hagan did with Digits of Pi Posters, I adapted it to my team activity.  I copied and pasted the first lots of digits of pi from this website into a Digits of Pi Word Doc, made each digit fit on one page, put the page numbers at the bottom right corner of the page, and printed four pages per sheet with a hairline border.  I then was able to give each student a full sheet of paper that they had four digits to decorate.  I told them to make sure the digit was clear and that I needed to be able to see the small number in the corner to tell me what order it went in.  It took me a couple weeks to put the digits up around the first floor of the school with some help from a few students at a time.  I had many people ask me along the way why I was continuing, telling me that I had done enough after 200, 300, and 400 digits went up.  But I absolutely loved this and the best part is that I am still (a month later) hearing random kids that I don’t know talk about pi and its digits.  It’s a great feeling and kids are telling me when their digits might have a corner coming off the wall (I’ve only lost one digit so far), which tells me that the kids that made these really have something to be proud of.

C’est quand les étudiants annoncent qu’ils sont que j’ai beaucoup de joie.

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