Students’ Daily Warm Ups

For the last few weeks I’ve given the option for students to submit their own daily warm ups.  I did offer extra credit for it, but I’m thinking now that I probably would have only missed out on a few had I not offered the extra credit.  It’s been great seeing extra student engagement and ownership.  All I required students to do was share the picture/video that they used, answer that box from their sheet, and write a paragraph about why that would be a good warm up for that day.

Wednesday Questions was the first to fill up and I still have a couple Tuesday Patterns and one Thursday Would You Rather left open.  I know some students had started thinking about those but haven’t gotten their work yet.  My favorite was that a student submitted a picture of a belt on top of a towel on the ground for Wednesday Questions.  This inspired the comment from another student, “Jeeze, it’s like you can make a mathematical question for anything!”  Love it!

The end of the year is winding down and I think this has also kept my class from fizzling out on the Daily Warm Ups.  I have been getting the typical questions since we finished testing of “Why are we still learning?” and “Can’t we just go outside?” but students come into class still wanting to see the warm ups submitted by their classmates.  Yay for wanting (at least a little) to still do math!

J’aime quand un étudiante remarque quelque chose que j’ai essayé de montrer toute l’année!


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