Reflecting on the Week

So this was the last week of all days of instruction.  Next week we have three days, Thurs 6th grade math-ish competition day, Fri 6th grade Field Day, and then the next week Mon Zoo Field Trip and Tues Last Day of School Fun.  So I feel like it was kind of busy, at least in my head.  The kids have thought every week was the last week since PARCC Testing finished.


  • Monday: Participated in my first Twitter chat #msmathchat
  • Tuesday: Dan Meyer tweets my warm up routine and all of a sudden my Twitter and Blog blow up.  I feel like a big of a celeb, a handful of colleagues notice and say I’m cool. 🙂
  • Wednesday: I present that warm up routine to the New to District Math PLC in our last meeting.  Receive great feedback and may have convinced a few new teachers to use some of the awesome activities out there (sent Lisa Bejarno’s Filing Cabinet out to the group, too)
  • Wednesday: Found out my proposal was accepted to talk about these warm up activities at ICTM’s Annual Conference in October!
  • Thursday: Meet with a parent and principal about concerns with her twins’ math placement for next year.  She says that it’s unfortunate that the school and I want her kids to be standardized in order to think that they are good enough for acceleration.  Makes me think about how I can encourage all students to think outside the box but still try to articulate their thoughts.  I tried to explain that it’s not all about the correct answer.  It’s about being able to explain to someone else the process and trying to see the problem through multiple lenses.  I’m not sure if anything got through to this parent but it opened my eyes to a perspective that I need to be aware of from parents.  It’s unfortunate that it is so ingrained into parents’ and students’ minds that the answer is everything in math.  It’s also unfortunate that math acceleration is so sought out but it isn’t always what’s best for the student – students can still be challenged by good teachers wherever they are placed.  I’m not saying I’m great at this (definitely not) but I think it’s possible.
  • Friday: Decided to play Pandora in the second half of all of my classes while they were working on their Data Project.  I just had it shuffle Top Hits, Radio for Kids, Classic Rock, and Pop Rock and made sure not to allow explicit content.  The kids mostly enjoyed it.  I got some comments that a CCR song was just not real music, and others about how new music gives them a headache.  You can’t please everyone.  But it was a nice way to change it up after 3.5 days of straight independent study work.

With all the excitement this week, I’m looking forward to this summer planning to make my 3rd year teaching way better.  I’ll post soon about goals and changes for next year.  I am excited to blog over the summer, too!

L’été, quand je me détends et pense continuellement de mes étudiants à venir!

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