My Classroom

I spent a lot of time looking at blogs last summer to help get my classroom looking as awesome as it could be. I have a small room with bright blue walls. My first year, I covered almost every inch of the walls with quote posters because I thought the blue was a little overbearing. This year, I embraced the blue a little more. A lot of the posters are printed from Math = Love and other sites. I do share this room with the geometry teacher but she really doesn’t take up a lot of the wall space. Descriptions are above each photo.

Wall 1:

  • YET: On the first day, my students claimed I had “yeet” on my wall…had to correct multiple students who came into my classroom for the first time throughout the year. :-/ But my principal did ask about it after my first observation and liked that I encouraged the use of that word. I didn’t let students put idk in responses – they at least had to say idky.
  • Star Bulletin Board: On the first day, students write a goal they have for 6th grade on a star and put it on the wall. At the end of the year, I remind them of that goal and they reflect on why they met it or didn’t. Next year, if I do it again, I will put the words “Anything’s Possible” across the top.
  • Math Practices Bulletin Board: In the first week students looked at a CC Standard for Mathematical Practice and made a poster of it. It’s hard to see but I did try to refer to their posters somewhat often.
  • A few anchor charts the kids made on fraction and decimal operations – I will try to get more student work/anchor charts up on the wall next year.
  • Supplies are behind the cabinet doors and the checkered shower curtain

Wall 2:

  • On chalkboard (I discovered chalkboard paint this year and it is amazing):
    • Date – written as an expression
    • Focus Question
    • Quote of the Week
    • Daily Agenda
    • Daily Work Page Titles
    • Vocabulary for the day
  • On whiteboard: Homework and upcoming events
  • Another set of the CC Standards for Mathematical Practice (now that I type this I notice the redundancy)

Wall 3:

  • Problem Solving Tips from Math = Love
  • Student-made factor pairs in area models (also helps fight the glare from the windows on the Promethean Board)
  • Lots of student drawings behind my desk – the ovals are all different kinds of pi that a student made for me for Pi Day
  • Student portfolio bins: Students cleaned out binders every unit but kept all Daily Work and Assessments in their portfolio. I’d like to make this an actual portfolio of their work next year instead of just a stuffed folder of everything they did that they never look back on again.
  • Math Symbols poster that I found in my room when I got there

Wall 4:

  • Geometry: She put up the shapes posters to help her class but my classes also liked trying to see if they could understand parts of the posters in our area and perimeter unit.
  • Unit Goals
  • Calendar
  • Challenge of the Week – need to find a better place for this
  • Word Wall – loved this this year! Students could always look back and be reminded of the vocab they learned or to see if there were words they missed when they were absent.
  • Back table for supplies and forms

My tables are also in groups of four. Sometimes I wished I had singular desks so we could move around a little easier and I think the tables are a little bigger than they need to be. With a small room like mine, it is hard to get around most of the time. But I do like that the tables encourage partner work and talk. Also, if I have more than 26 students in one class (very possible) I will have to rethink my desk arrangement.

Ma salle de classe est ma maison, et je l’adore.


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