Summer Geometry Overview and First Day

Today was the first day of Summer Geometry.  This is the third year I’ve taught it for this high school district.  This is kind of how this course works and some other tidbits about it:

  • Four hours, five days a week, six weeks long
  • Covers an entire year of Geometry
  • Mix of students who failed during the year/got a bad grade that they want to replace and other students who want to get ahead and go into Algebra II early so they can get to AP Calculus or AP Stats senior year
  • Mix of incoming freshmen through seniors
  • Mix of multiple schools (two in district, but also allow students from other schools – I have two of those this year)

So there are definitely some challenges with this and I remember the first time I heard about it three years ago I was super scared. Now, I am excited about it. I know that the first week will be a little rough – kids won’t understand that participation, collaboration, and movement make the class go faster. But I am confident that the kids will come around and learn to have some fun in the four hours that they pay to be with me. It’s happened two years in a row already. Why would this year be different?

And even though I have taught it before, I am still constantly searching the #MTBoS for better ideas.  A lot of it in the past has been good, but it can always be better.  Summer is also the best time to test some ideas that have been cooking in the back of my mind all year.  I’m looking forward to posting about some of them!

So today for the first time I did Dan Meyer’s Personality Coordinates Ice Breaker.  It was so so so fun!  I randomly grouped the students (how else would you do it on the first day – but I made sure kids weren’t with the person they were already sitting next to) into groups of four.  I handed out the sheet and said to come up with some way that all four of your names could be on a dot.  The kids struggled a lot with it.  It was awesome.  They pretty much all tried to start with age or grade or height, but eventually got more creative.  I plan on doing it again tomorrow with different groups.

I also did Numbers About Me and used Sarah Hagen’s Worksheet.  Students each shared one.  The first few were all about age or number of siblings, but about halfway through one student got creative and that sparked some more interesting ones.

I also introduced Plickers by doing their first quiz – How Well Do You Know Your Teacher?  They obviously didn’t know me at all, but it was fun seeing their guesses and asking the students why they would think certain things about me.  I’m sure some kids just think I’m extra crazy but some were really into it and Plickers always gets their attention.

We spent most of the time reviewing algebra concepts today and will get into the real Geometry goodness tomorrow.

L’été – mes étudiants veulent faire la grasse matinée et jouer dehors, mais ils m’ont à la place. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Summer Geometry Overview and First Day

  1. I love the idea of implementing Plickers. I have the Plickers app on my iPhone but was wondering what technology I would need to display the results in the classroom so students can see. Any suggestions? Thank you.


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