Day 9: More Triangle Proofs

Today was a continuation on proving triangles congruent and parts of triangles congruent. We did a ton of just practicing proofs. One way we reviewed for our test was to have pairs at the board. I forgot who I saw this idea from so I’m sorry I can’t give credit, but I definitely didn’t think of it myself. I wish I would have known about this strategy last year. Anyway, I gave each pair two out of 4 possible proofs and made it so that the group at the board next to them wasn’t doing the same two. The partners had to be using a different colored marker. Then they just had to redraw the figure and givens and then do their best to complete the proof. It was great group work and I loved that the students were happy with their successes. Groups kept erasing their work but I did get a picture of one group. While most groups switched off on who was writing on the board, this group chose to have one person always write out the statements and reasons and the other person mark everything in the figure. I liked how they talked about the different parts of their proof, especially when one started writing ASA and the other one showed why it was really AAS. Great discussions, happy students, happy teacher.

Un jour pour la pratique n’ait jamais fait de mal à personne.

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