Day 11: Millionaire Review and Starting Quadrilaterals

Today was the most Monday-est of Mondays. The kids were zombies, I was probably a little zombieish, it was rainy all morning. I also didn’t have something with a lot of movement going today, which maybe would have helped. I had two things that were more interactive, but it was not enough…

So we started with a review of the chapter on special segments in triangles that we had finished before the weekend. My mistake was expecting them to be able to jump right in and remember everything. We did go over the homework, but kids were still rusty. Is that my fault for going too fast when teaching the stuff, or was it because it was 8am on a summer Monday? Probably some of both. But I tried to do a review game I’ve enjoyed before that I call Math Millionaire. It’s like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. I have a bunch of multiple choice review questions that I will show one at a time to the class. The goal is for the class to get a certain amount in a row correct for a prize (I picked 6 in a row for today). They are in pairs and have to quietly work through the problem. I do pairs so that hopefully every student can feel some confidence in their answer after discussing with their partner. When an adequate amount of time has passed or all pencils are down, I call on a random student (using or Triptico) and that student tells me their answer. If they’re right, they keep going for the prize. If they’re wrong, we talk about it and they start back at 0 in a row. I love this, also, because if they get it correct I now have an expert on that problem that can explain it to the class. Usually the class gets a prize once or twice. Today, not so much. It wasn’t really that the kids were always getting the wrong answers – it was more that it always got to the 5th or 6th student and that student just wasn’t trying with their partner and would just guess. The class got kind of angry. Looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have allowed those kids to participate, but I thought maybe they’d see the benefit in buying in at least so they didn’t get the whole class against them. I’ve never really had that happen. I’m blaming it on the Monday…

We then had the test on the unit and then started to look at quadrilaterals. This is the last unit of the semester and I’m a little more crunched for time on it than I usually am. I started with a discovery activity that took the students through properties of different quadrilaterals (download below). I had all students work for about 45 minutes in their measurements and would always keep pushing students to make more than one observation. I then had each group present one quadrilateral where they had to tell the class what they noticed and what made that one special. It was good, but always takes longer than I expect to do all the measurements. It helps students really see that the properties of different quadrilaterals are true. I wish there were even more examples to measure, but then it would take even more time. It does save time going over the different properties later like their textbook wants to do, so I guess that’s a tradeoff.

C’était vraiment un lundi…quelquefois, il n’y a rien d’autre à dire.


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