My New Job

It has been nice posting so far about the work that we have been doing in Summer School Geometry. I have enjoyed being able to reflect, even if it is just to recapture what I was doing in class. While this class has been going on, however, I have been frantically searching the #MTBoS for activities for different classes. It’s been a little crazy, but it has also made me even more excited.

I have accepted a position at a high school in the Starved Rock area of Illinois, where I will be teaching Algebra I AB (kind of an Algebra I class with extra support), Algebra II, College Algebra, and Calculus. This school has about 200 students total, is on a block schedule where I see each class for 90 minutes every other day (except Algebra I AB will be every day), and will be in it’s first year of 1-1 Chromebooks. I will also be one of two math teachers in the school. This will be quite the change for me. I will be coming from being one of four math teachers in my grade, teaching just 6th grade, in a school of almost 800 in an urban area outside of Chicago.

I am extremely nervous to have this many preps but I am also so excited to have this many preps. I have never taught any of them before, but I feel like I have so many resources to look through that I will be ok. I will really miss my colleagues at the middle school and hope I can keep in touch.

So, does anyone have any advice for a first-year high school teacher? What should I focus on with the Chromebooks? Any advice on using ALEKS (I guess I will have that with my Algebra I AB)? What should I be doing now so that my year starts off great?

J’ai tant de questions…


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