Time Off

So I’ve been pretty silent the last couple weeks. I’ve been doing many things:

  • Band camp tech for boyfriend’s drumline – 2 week band camp 8am-5pm (plus getting there early and staying way way late to do band director duties with him)
  • Moving into new place – it finally looks like real people live here!

Ok that’s not that much, but basically the last two weeks I’ve woken up at 6 and gotten home around 10, done an hour or so of work on the house we’re renting, and gone to bed. Monday was the first day off from band camp (gotta love weekend performances) and I had my first workshop at my new school. I met 14 teachers – about half the teaching staff. It was a workshop on setting up Google Classroom and how to Google effectively in the classroom, run by the school’s tech team of a few teachers. I actually really liked it – I already knew a lot about using Google, although I’ve never used Google Classroom, but I got to talk with the other teachers and ask questions and answer questions. When they hear I’m coming from the Chicago suburbs, they all say “Wow why are you coming here?!” and then “Oh that makes sense…you’re going to love the students here. They are so great to have.” And when I say they all say that, I mean every single person made a comment about the students. Every single one. I hope they’re right!

I also started working on my classroom and getting things set up. The first day of school for all students is Tuesday. I found out a few things:

  • I have no service in the school. My phone just says “No Service” – not even an E or anything. I guess AT&T hasn’t reached this small town yet. So I immediately thought about how my dreams of using Plickers were shattered. But after talking to the tech guy and the principal, we are either going to put my phone or my iPad on the school’s wifi. Yay! I’m so glad I have people at the school that are willing to work with me on this.
  • I will have a student in my Algebra I class that cannot look at screens. I guess she can have seizures. The school is going to be 1-1 Chromebooks and every projector was uninstalled this summer and replaced by a big LCD monitor. I plan to use the Chromebooks a lot (Desmos, Forms, NCTM Illuminations applets, etc), will be using ALEKS a couple days a week, and still planned on doing a variation of my Daily Warm Up routine from before, so this worries me. The girl’s case manager, who will also be coteaching with me for that class, says that we will have to print out everything we do on the Chromebooks. The teacher said it will just have to be the girl’s responsibility to not look at the screen, but I should still use it like I was going to. The teacher said that for my warm ups, she can run to the printer at the start of class and just have the page printed. Is it bad that I’m already worried about this girl in class? I’m scared for her in my class if I do all the things I wanted to do, and I’m scared to use the Chromebooks or the screen.
  • I met one of my Algebra I students. She moved into this district from a very big school nearby and was taking a tour of the school. She has a baby. It brought me to realize that my students here will have much different responsibilities outside of school. They won’t all have kids, but many are on farms and will have responsibilities on the farms. I’ve heard that most of my upperclassmen will work after or before school. I will need to keep this in mind when assigning work. However, I’ve also heard that the students are very focused on school and will want to do well in school.

I’m very excited to start and also very nervous. I still have a lot of planning to do and work in my room.

Je vais etre prête pour mardi. Je vais etre prête pour mardi. Je vais etre prête pour mardi.

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