Mindset Moment List

Jessica from algebrainiac.wordpress.com asked about my Mindset Moment videos that I used in my Daily Warm Up Routine last year and I figured I would share my list with everyone.

As a recap, once or twice a month I would offer a “Mindset Moment” video to my students on a Friday as their warm up. After watching the video, all I would ask every time is, “What did you think is the message in this Mindset Moment video? What is your one big takeaway?” I was always very impressed with the reflection that my students gave. Sometimes they saw what I had intended, and sometimes they saw a different, but equally important, message. I don’t remember the order that I showed them in, and in the last week of school I ended up showing a bunch because…well…it was the end of school and grades were already posted and we were just there because of snow days.

Disclaimer: Some of these are admittedly more meaningful than others (and some aren’t really “mindset” per se but just inspirational). Some of them are actually commercials and I would stop or start the videos at certain points, or tell them that I do not in any way endorse this product. Some (one) of them has a swear in the title so I had to work some magic to get the title not to show.

  1. Famous Failures
  2. Kid President Pep Talk
  3. Michael Jordan Failure
  4. Where is Matt?
  5. Spider Man Funny
  6. The Power of Words
  7. Lead India Tree
  8. Trust Your Power
  9. Minion Teamwork
  10. Steve Jobs Speech
  11. Time You Have in Jelly Beans
  12. This I Believe Crayons
  13. How to Start a Movement
  14. Ashton Kutcher Speech (started a minute in)
  15. Power of Yet Janelle Monae Sesame Street
  16. Mr. Holland’s Opus Clarinet Scene
  17. Derek Redmond Olympic Sprint
  18. People Stuck on an Escalator vs. Beagle Going for the Chicken Nugget a la Sara’s Persistence work in week 1

Do you have any others you also show? After listing these again I’ve realized that a good chunk really aren’t mindset videos but they have a message nonetheless.

Merci pour l’inspiration de ce sujet!

7 thoughts on “Mindset Moment List

  1. Wow, just watched them all! I love this idea and can’t wait to share them with my students. Now I’m on the look out for more inspiring videos!


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