First Blogging Challenge! Holiday Favorites

I saw that @pamjwilson and @druinok put together a blogging challenge called #MTBoS12days “Yule Blog” challenge and I’m hoping this will kick start more blogging from me. So the first is a “My Holiday Favorite”. I’ve seen a bunch of awesome recipes come out of this but I’m the worst cook and actually have 0 recipes to share. I’m usually the “helper” for all family cooking functions – cut vegetables, measure out ingredients, etc. all while being supervised. I live off of pasta and frozen vegetables…

In fact, one of my favorite holiday memories is when I was making a cheesecake with my dad and he asked me to crack the eggs into the bowl. Well, that didn’t go too well and lots of egg shells ended up in the bowl. My dad and I did our best getting all of them out and thought we got them all and he went on to finish the cheesecake. We served the cheesecake to the family the next day and everyone was pretty impressed. I was starting to feel pretty proud of myself for helping with this and then my uncle takes his first bite. It seemed like the loudest crunch ever and everyone just bursted out laughing.

So writing that out makes it seem pretty silly, so I’ll also share a favorite inexpensive gift to give.

My friends never really got or gave gifts for the holidays, but we would usually go out to a fun or nice restaurant together. One year, I decided to change things up and brought a gift for everyone. I got a dollar scratch off lottery ticket for everyone and wrapped it with a piece of candy/chocolate. I’ve been doing that since then. It’s definitely cheap and is a little more exciting than the nothing we would usually give. And occasionally you’ll get some winners! It’s not the most original idea, either (I actually got the idea from my assistant principal, who did this for everyone she evaluated), but it’s still fun.

J’espère que je peux suivre ce défi!


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