Books #MTBoS12days

I used to read a ton. Back in middle school. Once I got to high school and we were forced to read certain books and I started spending more time on assignments and practicing and friends, my reading really dropped off. The last book I think I read for pleasure was Harry Potter 7. Through high school and college, I actually did (most of) the reading that was required for my education and French classes, but that was really it.

Book I’ve read since college: Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam (required by my old school’s math department)

Books I’m currently reading: All of my textbooks to try to figure out what should come next

Books I want to read: All of the good ones when I have time. I keep hearing about Teach Like a Pirate and Make It Stick so I would probably start with those.

I do still feel like I read a lot, but it is all in the form of tweets and blogs. That’s good enough for me right now.

Un jour, je vais lire pour le plaisir encore.

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