Semester Reflection #MTBoS12days

I felt like a recent post I made was a little negative but I really learned a lot from this semester and I think most of my students did, too. I have a lot that I envisioned that just didn’t happen or didn’t happen the same way and I attribute that to just being a little overwhelmed at the beginning of the year. I had really been spoiled the last two years. I had only one prep with three other teachers that also taught only that one prep, and was living with my parents who did all the cooking and grocery shopping for me. Now, I’m the only one at my school teaching the four preps I have, plus National Honor Society, plus being a percussion tech for my boyfriend’s band, plus living on our own – it was a lot all at once. It was definitely a challenge, but I did a lot of great things with my classes that they learned from and enjoyed and I showed the faculty some stuff, too! Now that I am more accustomed to this school, I think I can do even more to help my students.

What Will I Start:

  • Spiraling homework
  • Planning my assessments along with my planning of the unit – I was fortunate to receive the files from the previous teacher when I got to the school so I have been adjusting his assessments so far. I figured that if I was good enough for him after two years, it was probably good for me. I think his assessments provided me with a great starting point, but now I’m ready to make my own (which is something I DREADED going into this school year).
  • Talking with the other math teacher in my school more about what we’re teaching. Even though we don’t teach any of the same classes, we’re both new at this (she’s in her second year teaching) and I want to be more collaborative within my school.

What Will I Stop:

  • Worrying that my students don’t like math/my class/me. Like a few people on Twitter said, students don’t like change. We all resist change. But as long as I know I’m trying all I can for them, I need to stop worrying about what the naysayers think all the time. 🙂

What Will I Continue:

  • Checking blogs, Twitter, and the MTBoS Search Engine for all of your amazing activities
  • Trying new things
  • Keeping my head up 😀

Quand je repense au semestre dernier, je connais le bon et le mauvais. Ce semestre sera meilleur.

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