One Thing To Improve On #MTBoS12days

If I had to choose one thing to improve on for next semester, and only one thing, it would be my planning. This was what caused me the most stress last semester and that stress impacted everything else in the classroom. I always felt like I was just going day by day in my planning, even though sometimes I was planning about a week at a time but then everything would change after the first day of the week. It led to really jumbled units and assessments that weren’t the greatest. I’d say each day by itself was fine, but when you put them together it was kind of a jumble.

This semester I’ve already improved on it, actually. I now have an extremely tentative plan of what I will be teaching in each class for the whole semester. Like very bare-bones plan. I got my calendar and mapped out how long I thought it would take to cover certain lessons and where the assessments would go and what units come next. I left “Review/Catch Up” days before every assessment (another thing I’m thinking about is abandoning all review days but we’ll see) and am potentially able to cover way more than I did last semester. Even if I want to, I know I can’t spend 3 days doing amazing activities on one topic, for instance, because I know what is coming up and the importance of other topics. I put a star next to topics that are kind of the extra ones that don’t absolutely need to be covered this semester.

Now, what comes next is planning the actual lessons and assessments. I think that if I go a unit at a time (but don’t make copies of things until a few days before since things can always change), I will be much less stressed. I will know more of the connections I have to make, too. This is probably something I should have known to do, but in the past I was always kind of just given the pacing from the teachers that had taught it before. Ahhh I’m excited just thinking about how much better this semester will be now.

Moins de stress entraîne une prof heureuse!

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