Classroom Wishlist #MTBoS12days

I’ve been in four classrooms since I started teaching (I have to say my favorite was when I was in a science classroom for a summer), and in each one I’ve always had my own wishlist. It’s like I can’t be satisfied anywhere. Also, as a kid I used to spend hours just drawing out my dream bedroom that in reality would have to be as big as my whole house to fit everything…But now in my current classroom, even though I am really fine with how it is, here’s my wishlist:

  • More room! OR less students/desks that have to be in the room – I have all classes of 15 or below except for my one class of 25 that means I have to have so many more desks than necessary in most classes and then in the big class, we just have no space to move around all the backpacks and kids. OR desks that have detached chairs that are easy to move around
  • More whiteboard space. I love that I have a full wall of windows and another full wall that’s a big bulletin board, but I’d rather have whiteboard space – or a set of big group whiteboards!
  • An interactive white board – I had one at my old school and I really do think it can add a lot to some lessons
  • If no interactive white board, then a projector that projects onto the board – I work with an HDMI hook up to an LCD monitor and it’s ok, but I wish I could go up to the display and point to things or have students come up to it
  • Wall space outside my classroom to display stuff (I could do this but my room is in a cave with the special ed teacher and outside of the cave is the LA teacher’s room so I don’t want to get in her space)
  • Visible storage for supplies that kids can just go for
  • Furnaces that don’t sound like an explosion every time they kick on
  • A plant that’s just as low maintenance as my terrarium but is outside of a bowl (does that exist? I’m thinking like a bigger plant like a tree)
  • Space for students to work sitting on the ground with pillows and lapdesks/clipboards or standing with standing desks
  • One of those cool clocks that has math expressions instead of numbers

Je suis certaine que je peux penser des autres choses, mais ils ne sont pas nécessaires.

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