Looking Forward to in 2016 #MTBoS12days

Here are things that I’m looking forward to in 2016:

  • Being better at teaching my classes
  • Doing my second presentation at a conference at MMC in February – it will be better than the first one!
  • Watching my first high school graduation as a teacher
  • Watching my brother graduate from college
  • Possibly TMC16 – will have to see if I’m teaching summer school or not
  • Going to an AP workshop and possibly summer institute – Excited to teach AP AB Calculus next year!
  • Hosting people at my house finally
  • Using my new kitchen tools (croc pot, fry pan, spices) and learning to cook (got some great recipes from this challenge!)
  • Being part of the #MTBoS and blogging a little more

2016 sera une année exceptionnelle!

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