New Year Resolutions #MTBoS12days

Here are my professional and personal new year resolutions for 2016:

  • Get in shape – I joined the #FitBoS 2016 Challenge to try to log 100 hours of working out this year. I used to run for 20 minutes a day but now this year I’ve run a grand total of 7 times since the school year started. Hoping to get back to running and start adding more strength training to the workouts, too.
  • Cook one *actual* meal a week (not just pasta with store bought sauce and a salad with store bought dressing every week – needs to include protein, too!) with minimal setting off of the smoke detector. I got some new cooking tools (frying pan, crock pot, spices) for the holidays and hope to really use them this year.
  • Be more efficient at school (copying Meg Craig here but she says it so well)
  • Play drums more – I have a drumset and access to percussion equipment any time I visit my boyfriend’s school (at least once a week for tutoring). I need to use these opportunities to play since I don’t have a band to play with anymore.
  • Keep up with speaking French. I’ve already lost a lot of my French skills, I fear, but I don’t want to lose them all!
  • Keep trying new things in the classroom and blog about them!

Je crois que tous ces résolutions pour la nouvelle année sont réalisables. J’ai hâte de les faire!

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