Reddit Teacher Gifts

Guys this has been in my drafts folder since the beginning of the year and I don’t know why it wasn’t just published…

I want to just write a short and long overdue post to acknowledge that there are some wonderful people out there. I signed up for Reddit Teacher Gifts last year and wasn’t matched, but tried again this year and was so excited that I was given a match.  A month or two later, I received a box in the mail addressed to me and had honestly no idea what it could be. I had forgotten about the whole thing in the hustle and bustle of the beginning of the school year. When I opened it, I was just so happy. It wasn’t just that I got awesome stuff, but what really got me was that someone that has know idea who I am would get this stuff for me just to help my class. I can’t wait to use it all. The rulers and markers have already come in handy.

Le monde est plein de merveilleux gens.

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