My Latest Epiphany

So I just had an epiphany that I am sure everyone already knows but…

Walk around class with a mini-white board! Like when you’re helping groups and walking around during practice or whatever! How have I not thought about this before? If I wanted to show something to students I would always have to ask if I could write on their paper (which I really don’t ever want to do), or I’d have to say “wait for one sec” and then I’d go grab a piece of scratch paper, or I’d draw something on the board and then it’s far away from the group and then everyone sees it even though I don’t want everyone to see it. Why was I doing this?

So today when I was working with my College Algebra class on finding the explicit formula to some patterns (that I totally stole from Sam Shah’s post on Sequences and Series – it’s been great so far), I went over to a group that happened to be sitting near where I keep the white boards and I just happened to grab one to address what they were talking about and what I was hearing and then the light bulb went off – why don’t I always do this?!

So yeah, pretty obvious when you think about it. I have my students grab them every day if they want to work with them anyway. Now I have five more weeks to put this to good use!

This is also my first post during the school day! Fun fun fun

Comment j’ai travaillé jusqu’à présent sans cette idée???

Where did the time go?

This post is really just me planning out the rest of my school year.

I realized today that there are 13 class days left for each of my A and B days before final exams, with field trips, assemblies, and half days sprinkled in. I just finished units in all of my classes because of some sheer luck (or bad luck since I now have tests to grade in each class). Here’s what I still need to teach, along with reviewing for final exams:

Algebra I Algebra II College Algebra Calculus
(loses 1 day to an assembly)

Add/Subtract/Multiply Polynomials


Solve quadratics by factoring


Pythagorean Theorem/ Distance Formula

Midpoint Theorem


(half of students gone 1 day for ACT)

Law of Sines

Law of Cosines


Fundamental Counting Principle

Probability of multiple events

Conditional Probability


(loses 1 day to an assembly)

Intro Sequences/ Series

Arithmetic Series

Geometric Series

Binomial Theorem


Intro to Probability (really? why?)


(most of students gone on field trip for 2 days)

Slope Fields

Euler’s Method

Separable Differential Equations


Integrals as Net Change

Area Between Curves

Volume by Cross Section

Volume by Disk/ Washer/ Shell Method


So really more like 11-12 days. My calculus class will be hurting the most, but it’s also non-AP so I don’t really have to get through it all. But I’d like to since I’ll be teaching AP next year…and I guess I don’t need to get through all of the other stuff either…this is just what the person before me had on his unit plans but he also did not have a lot of this stuff on his assessments (no factoring, solving quadratics by factoring, law of sines/cosines, permutations/combinations, binomial theorem, slope fields, calc volumes) so I don’t know if it was ever actually covered.

Now to get to planning everything. Fun Fun Fun. Luckily I have the #MTBoS to look through.

Je ne sais pas comment il n’y a que 13 jours de classe.