Where did the time go?

This post is really just me planning out the rest of my school year.

I realized today that there are 13 class days left for each of my A and B days before final exams, with field trips, assemblies, and half days sprinkled in. I just finished units in all of my classes because of some sheer luck (or bad luck since I now have tests to grade in each class). Here’s what I still need to teach, along with reviewing for final exams:

Algebra I Algebra II College Algebra Calculus
(loses 1 day to an assembly)

Add/Subtract/Multiply Polynomials


Solve quadratics by factoring


Pythagorean Theorem/ Distance Formula

Midpoint Theorem


(half of students gone 1 day for ACT)

Law of Sines

Law of Cosines


Fundamental Counting Principle

Probability of multiple events

Conditional Probability


(loses 1 day to an assembly)

Intro Sequences/ Series

Arithmetic Series

Geometric Series

Binomial Theorem


Intro to Probability (really? why?)


(most of students gone on field trip for 2 days)

Slope Fields

Euler’s Method

Separable Differential Equations


Integrals as Net Change

Area Between Curves

Volume by Cross Section

Volume by Disk/ Washer/ Shell Method


So really more like 11-12 days. My calculus class will be hurting the most, but it’s also non-AP so I don’t really have to get through it all. But I’d like to since I’ll be teaching AP next year…and I guess I don’t need to get through all of the other stuff either…this is just what the person before me had on his unit plans but he also did not have a lot of this stuff on his assessments (no factoring, solving quadratics by factoring, law of sines/cosines, permutations/combinations, binomial theorem, slope fields, calc volumes) so I don’t know if it was ever actually covered.

Now to get to planning everything. Fun Fun Fun. Luckily I have the #MTBoS to look through.

Je ne sais pas comment il n’y a que 13 jours de classe.

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