Moving Classrooms #MTBoS30

So this #MTBoS30 thing is not off to the best start but I can make it up! For the record, I was writing this post last night and fell asleep in the process. I connect very well with Jonathan’s tweet:

Anyway, for the last two days I was relocated out of my room because my room was being used for Senior Presentations. I was in a different classroom each period and couldn’t go into my room between 8 and 3. I taught in a science lab, library, history classroom, art studio, and computer lab. I gotta say, these were two of the most exhausting days for me. Even though I still had my plan period (except I subbed during yesterdays so I didn’t get one), I still felt like I never stopped. I had to spend my plan in the library where there was a class going on and other people meeting. And my lunch even felt rushed because there were constantly students in and out in a frenzy trying to get ready for their presentations (the copier is in the teacher’s lounge).

I’m not saying this to just complain. I realized yesterday that teachers do this all the time. So many teachers do not have their own classrooms. The Spanish teacher at my school doesn’t. Many of the teachers, if not all, didn’t have their own room where I went to high school. Where I student taught all the rooms were shared, but my cooperating teachers at least were in the same room whenever they taught. I just can’t imagine doing that now that I’ve been spoiled for three years in my own room.

It was so disorienting – I didn’t know where things were and things were set up way differently. I didn’t want to mess with anyone’s room so I taught with rows in two classrooms for the first time since the start of the year and it made me realize why I want groups. I forgot something in almost all of my classes back up in my room and had to improvise (forgetting scissors or white boards or a worksheet or a document camera). Students were also way off their game in another room. I realized I should have still stuck with my random groupings somehow because there was always one group that chose to be sitting together that just couldn’t sit together. It was rough.

Props to all the teachers that move rooms/share rooms all year! You guys have a new appreciation from me!

Le changement des salles de classes est difficile pour moi et pour les étudiants.


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