In-N-Out Burger #MTBoS30

I don’t know what else to post, so I’ll get through some of the stuff sitting in my drafts folder since the beginning of the year. I’ve saved some pictures and will be trying to remembering what they’re all about.

I showed Robert Kaplinski’s In-N-Out Burger problem to my Algebra I class on September 4th this year. We had been looking at function tables and relating equations to tables. Many groups found an equation by looking at the difference between the Double-Double and the cheeseburger and used that after they realized that trying to use a function table was going to be pretty tedious. Not all groups gave up on the table though…IMG_0488.JPG

It would be even better if this group had persevered with their method AND got the correct answer, but I still applauded this group for never giving up. They did tell me their reasoning at the time for their numbers, but I’ve forgotten it by now. That’s what I get for not posting earlier.

I did like using that problem for introducing problem solving to my students and could have revisited it when we went through linear functions. That’s the plan for next year.

La persévérance des étudiants me fait heureuse.

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