Final Exams and Review #MTBoS30

My students have officially started final exams. My Algebra I students took theirs Friday, then Algebra II, College Algebra, and Calculus are today and tomorrow.We reviewed for the past week or so in each class. All of my classes were allowed to use Desmos on their Chromebooks, a calculator, and one full sheet of paper that they could write anything they wanted on. The finals were all multiple choice with Scantron and were comprehensive for the semester.

This is how all my classes were structured for review:

  1. Go through every section on the study guide to write notes about how to go about solving each type of question. Answer any questions students have about specific sections, go through final exam logistics.
  2. Play Chutes and Ladders. Use the study guide I gave them or another version of the study guide and have students in groups of 3-4. For every 3-5 questions they get correct, they get to roll a dice (or two) to see how far their marker will move on the game board. Students call me over when they are ready with their problems to check and I will only tell them whether they got all five correct or if something is incorrect. I will help them if they ask a specific question, though. If they got all of them correct for that turn, I have them roll and I usually move the piece. I’ve had issues with cheating or people just plain old moving the wrong direction or wrong piece. This gets very competitive very quickly. Winning team is the one that gets farthest or one that gets to 100 first.  IMG_5605
  3. Play Quizizz in teams. I’ll post about Quizizz soon.
  4. Allow them to work on their own to study in whatever way they want. This is usually when most students fill out their notes sheet.

This semester, I started to spiral my homework. I got comments from students (the ones that consistently did their homework) about how they didn’t feel like they had to relearn stuff because they were still doing the problems recently in their homework. I’m really glad it helped!

La fin est proche.


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