How I Use Quizizz #MTBoS30

Yeah, maybe I could have included this in my last post, but I’m a little behind in #MTBoS30 and that post was long enough.

At first I used Quizizz individually because each student had a Chromebook. I soon thought about using Quizizz in groups.

It’s amazing! Here’s how it works:

What I do (on the teacher end):

  • Make questions or pull them from other people’s quizzes
  • Choose these settings when we’re ready to play
  • Start the game when all groups are in and all names are appropriate (Quizizz monitors this, too)
  • Watch in amazement as students talk to each other about the math and actually want to get the questions correct (and answer questions if groups have them)
  • Look at results after the game is done and talk about questions that were most commonly missed

What students do:

  • Students are in a group and only one Chromebook is out.
  • They come up with a team name
  • They work on the problems together and answer them together
  • They review their answers and work out the questions they got incorrect as a group

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 2.49.25 PM

  • They all get a prize if they win

This creates great mathematical talk and I rarely have a student that’s not invested. I use it in all of my classes.

Quand les étudiants demandent le Quizizz, vous savez que c’est très bon.

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