Why I Love Quizizz #MTBoS30

I love Quizizz! It’s like Kahoot, but better.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 10.45.14 AM

Quizizz (quizizz.com) is an online quiz platform where the teacher has multiple choice questions with a quiz code. When the students enter the code, they can make a name and get an avatar. Once the teacher starts the quiz, the students see the questions on their screen and get points based on how many they get correct and (optional) how long it takes them to answer. If you set a timer, it can go up to 15 minutes for a question.

The features for Quizizz, in my opinion, are far better than Kahoot. My principle introduced Kahoot to our school in October and every single teacher started using it (except me because I was in protest). Seriously, I’d hear that Kahoot music every day from somewhere in the school. I had used it in class before that and hated the dynamic it created. I had put actual math problems up, but since there was the 2 minute timer max, and students caught on quickly that they got more points for answering quickly, students were just guessing every time. I think Kahoot would be fine for something like vocab, and I know that Ghost Mode is a cool thing, but overall I didn’t like it. Luckily, I had seen the My Favorites Global Math Department webinar where Jessica (@algebrainiac1) showed Quizizz. It answered most of my gripes about Kahoot:

  • At the time, you couldn’t turn the timer off. However, you could set the timer to 15 minutes, so it barely moved while students were working on a problem and didn’t seem like questions had to be answered really quickly. Now you can turn off the timer completely.
  • The questions are on each students’ screen, so it’s much easier to do the math problems.
  • There were funny memes after answering each question (ok, not necessary, but still fun)
  • You could pull individual questions from already-made Quizizzes, instead of having to duplicate an entire quiz like in Kahoot.
  • The data was much easier to see.
  • Students can review their answers at the end. It shows the answer they picked and the correct answer.

I’ll admit, I haven’t used Kahoot in a while, so maybe there have been updates. Let me know if there is. I’ve also used Socrative and Plickers, and will be looking into Quizlet, too. I think they all have their place in the classroom. I’ll post next about how I actually use Quizizz in my classroom.

Quelquefois, un outil est meilleur pour un autre situation.

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