Teacher Appreciation #MTBoS30

During Teacher Appreciation week this year, I was feeling really let down. Sure, I got BOGO Chipotle, but besides that my school pretty much did nothing else. This is in contrast to my last school, where the entire week was amazing from our PTO and Board of Ed – every day had breakfast and lunch provided, there was a masseuse that came in for 15 minute sessions, we got little gifts every day. I was incredibly spoiled at my old school. But there was nothing done this year at my current school (until Friday at our Teacher Institute when we each got a lunch bag with a nice note from our administration). Since I was feeling a little like I was missing out, I wanted to do something about it and Sarah’s post came at the perfect time. I printed out the notes on colored paper on Thursday morning and had my classes write notes. We got at least one note to every staff member. I feel bad because I only saw this in time for half of my classes to do this, but I think it was still good enough. I purposely left myself off the list of teachers, then folded all of them (without reading them) into envelopes (also learned from Sarah’s blog) and delivered them to the teacher’s mailboxes that night. I don’t think anyone knows they were done by my classes and that I delivered them. If they did, they didn’t say anything to me. I have seen some teachers hang them behind their desks, so I know they got them.

Even though I was off the list, I did receive some. Yay for little things to make you happy! These give me all the feels.

Étudiants, je vous remercie mille fois de me faire plaisir cette année.


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