Class Website #MTBoS30

(Updated 9/2/18 after changing my name)

I feel like one of the least important things for me as a teacher is one of the things that’s on my mind the most. That is my class website. If you want to see it, here it is:

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 9.28.24 PM

**Side note: I used to try to be kind of anonymous on this blog. I only had my first name, I tried not to mention my school. But then I was presenting at MMC and wanted to put my slides on my blog and realized that in my slides I had information about me so there is where (as far as I can tell) I lost my anonymity. Also, Dan Meyer figured it out and posted it so I’ll take the loss of anonymity for a chance to be on Dan’s blog. Thanks Dan, you’re my hero. 🙂

So my website is where students go to see their homework, a calendar, and other web resources (and math games that aren’t blocked by the school network). My brother (recent Information Systems grad from Carnegie Mellon University) is the webmaster and, in his words, he wants it to be the best teacher website there is. In my humble opinion, I think it’s pretty good. Easy to update and visually pretty nice. Next year, I will be using it to post my notes, too, kind of like Meg does. I put my brother to the task of figuring out the best way to integrate that into the website. I will also be integrating the Google Classroom Calendar into it and might also make it kind of like this one but I haven’t decided quite yet. Special shout out goes to Mr. Wood because I wouldn’t have made it through teaching calculus this year without his worksheets. Also sorry I stole them without telling you… My brother is also ashamed of my Resources page because he says it looks like poop (that page was all me, can you tell?).

My biggest issue is that students don’t like to go to an extra website – they already have Google Classroom for my class and every other class and club they’re in. I have my website posted on the About page of my Google Classroom, but I know that not all of my students use it. However, I know that the ones that do love it because they tell me they love it. They also all love that I own the website

What do you put on your website? What else should I do on my website to make it “the best teacher website there is”?

Je veux avoir le meilleur site web de classe!

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