Teacher Report Card #MTBoS30

I did an end of the year survey in all my classes again. I stole most of it from Matt Vaudrey. All but six of my students took it. I am mostly happy with the results and the honesty. There wasn’t much that I didn’t expect.

Here is a copy of the survey that I gave on Google Forms: Teacher Report Card

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.33.11 AM

There are two sections – one that is generally about the class and one that has some more specific questions about aspects of the class. I didn’t want students to see it was super long and then not put an effort into it, so I made the second part optional. I still had half of my students go on to the optional part.

I’ll be posting about the results later – I promised that I wouldn’t look at them until after the students’ last day of school, even though it was anonymous (also, more #MTBoS30 posts). This was mostly for my sake because I know from past experience that kids can say some pretty mean things when their name isn’t attached to it and I didn’t want that to affect my last days with these kids.

What surprised me was that many students said their teachers did not give anything like this at the end of their class. I guess this is surprising to me because so many of the teachers I follow have been posting about their surveys and I just thought it was kind of commonplace. But now that I think about it, I don’t think most of my teachers in school had students give feedback. It’s weird to me that teachers go all year giving feedback to the students, but then wouldn’t think to get it back from them. I know some say that students don’t always know what’s best for them, but I think their opinions should at least be heard. I’m especially interested in how they respond to the questions about my Daily Warm Ups and homework policies.

Les opinions des étudiants ont l’importance pour les profs.

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