Calculator Check Out #MTBoS30

At the start of the year, I was given 5 TI-82s and 4 TI-83s to use as a class set. The other math teacher at my school had about the same for her classroom. When my principal came in to see my first observation, he noticed that that was a problem. My students were never asked to have their own calculators since middle school, so very few had more than a TI-30X. I guess students used to be able to check out calculators from the library but that wasn’t happening anymore. So my principal used a grant to get us some TI-84s right before second semester started! He got us 33 TI-84s and we still had 34 TI-83s and 20 TI-82s that worked that we could split. The Physics teacher also asked if he could have some. I put my class set into one of these shoe organizer things to keep track of my class set and none got lost! The other math teacher only lost 3 from her maternity leave between the two subs, so I’d call that a minor success!

We split up the calculators but there were some TI-83s and TI-82 left over after we had a class set for each of us. With the extra ones, I made a calculator check out form for students that wanted to take them home. I used the Add-On “CheckItOut” and it is incredible! I put the link to the form on my website and had kids fill it out when they were checking them out so it was easy to see who had what calculator. And they all came back by the end of the year! Woo! The librarian was impressed.

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 5.47.46 PM.png

Maintenant nous devrons simplement trouver les trois calculatrices manquantes!


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