Student Submitted Daily Warm Ups #MTBoS30

For the month of May, I offered students the chance to submit their own Daily Warm Up. There were 14 school days in May before final exams and I received 15 from students! I only allowed 4 Questions warm ups because I knew those would go quick. I required students to submit a picture or video, give a reason for why this is a good warm up, and give at least two possible responses for the warm up. They could submit Questions (only 4), Estimation, Would You Rather, Which One Doesn’t Belong, or something else. Estimation was the most common. I only got one Which One Doesn’t Belong.

Here’s an example from a student:

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 11.15.55 AM.png

She said it’s a good warm up “because you have to use problem solving and there’s the cds for comparing”. She provided the real answer of 4.4 lbs and an underestimate of 1 lb and an overestimate of 20 lbs. She was so proud of this warm up and it was great to see students in the class trying to get information out of her so they could guess closest!

I also had one student submit the game Make 24. My students had so much fun playing it! It’s kind of like Set where students want to find the answer first, so it was a little tough to keep people interested once other students started raising their hand – would have to put some procedures in place if I had this as a warm up next year. But I think this could be a great warm up to reinforce the order of operations and mental math!

The best part about this was that students took pride in their work and other students could see that it wasn’t that difficult to do but got a lot of recognition for being great.

Je suis tellement impressionnée par mes étudiants.

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