Summer List #MTBoS30

This is the first summer since I graduated college that I am not teaching summer school! That means I’ll actually have a summer to do things! I can actually sing School’s Out for Summer! I won’t have to set my alarm every day and be the one falling asleep still at 9pm anymore! I’m so so so so excited.


Here’s what I know I’m doing this summer:

  • AP Summer Institute
  • Twitter Math Camp omg!
  • Going to a wedding of one of my drumline friends yay!
  • Seeing the Chicago Symphony Orchestra play Holst’s The Planets
  • Celebrating my birthday – a quarter century!
  • Running the B10 10K (hopefully I make it – my #FitBoS numbers do not look so good right now)

Here’s what I want to do this summer:

  • Plan plan plan for all my classes (aka bookmark/tag in Evernote all the blog posts)
  • Figure out a plan for homework in my classes
  • Make this happen for my classes for SBG
  • Write my SLOs for my classes (or at least one)
  • Read Embedding Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam (attempting to read during our 25 minute Drop Everything and Read days this semester got me through a total of 65 pages)
  • Read The Best of the #MTBoS by the #MTBoS
  • Actually work out (once again – #FitBoS challenge)
  • Learn to cook some things (I’ve been able to try some of those crock pot meals from #MTBoS12days and want to try the rest because every single one was awesome, but also need some summery dishes) I bought eggs so now I have to learn to make eggs first
  • Play some video games with my brother
  • Almost finish one class in Build Your Own Curriculum so I don’t have to do as much during the school year (we need to have one class planned by the end of the school year)
  • Go to Starved Rock at least once because I’m only 15 minutes away and have only been there once and that was before I moved here
  • See all my friends
  • Get a plan for doing my masters
  • Inventory/Catalog all of my boyfriend’s band stuff
  • Catch up on all the blog posts in my Feedly
  • Make group white boards 
  • Relax and sleep and relax and sleep

C’est beaucoup mais j’ai hâte!

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