#MTBoS30 I Did It!

Guys I actually did it. This is my 30th post in the month of May. Yes, I know I did it a little bit wrong – 24 posts in the last week. Did I go a little overboard at the end? Maybe. Did it make me feel great to write all those posts? For sure!

My year was crazy busy and I barely posted. In the #MTBoS Blogging Initiative I did all but one of the prompts (the last one). I also did the #MTBoS12days posts. I did a pseudo-180 blog when I taught summer school last summer. I enjoyed every bit of blogging I did. I also enjoy reading every blog post that comes into my Feedly. I hope to continue to blog and maybe I’ll be able to do it without a challenge holding me to it.

I still haven’t really blogged about any of the activities I did in class on specific concepts. I taught four preps and we did a lot of different things in class – mainly (90%) stolen from the #MTBoS. That’s kind of why I haven’t posted about them – the posts are already all out there. But I do have some pictures I took so maybe those will surface one day.

My principal suggested I have a student take a picture each day to document what we’re doing and send it out to parents (kind of like classroom blogs/Twitters that I’ve seen here and there). That might happen next year. We’ll see.

Je suis content d’avoir les défis du #MTBoS.

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