Teacher Report Card Results (Part 2) #MTBoS30

I posted about the first part of my end of the year survey results here. Now I’m onto the ones that students actually wrote things about.

I’m just going to give the responses that stand out for one reason or another. I bolded the most common responses for that question.

Sometimes Ms. Walczak ______, but not always.

  • speaks French
  • plays music
  • checks homework
  • gives candy
  • explains things too quickly to try to meet the things we were supposed to get done that day
  • answers our questions with questions
  • is chill
  • can be tough
  • successfully keeps in her laughter
  • goes through material more slowly than I would prefer
  • uses technology

Sometimes Ms. Walczak lets the class ________, but not always.

  • talk
  • have their phones out
  • have fun
  • work on homework in class
  • do fun projects
  • sit in their own seats
  • get off topic
  • work with partners
  • listen to music
  • make jokes
  • misbehave
  • have a free day to work

What do you like BEST about the class? (ok this was really hard to just pick some)

  • It was a really good environment. The ability to reassess and roll the dice relieved some of the stress that comes with math classes. There weren’t strict rules and we worked with friends as long as we were quiet.
  • It is very laid back in a good way but we definately still learn. Its great. Also, we are able to make up tests or quizes that we fail so then that means we are able to learn the material more and helps us in the long run on the finals which is great. Also it gives us the chance to improve our grade so thats great too.
  • the people in it
  • How easy it is to talk to you and you are very good at explaining things in different ways.
  • I liked the projects and how she always is in a good mood in first period in the morning.
  • I like how we do a lot of group things
  • I like the group work, and the warm up activity
  • Some of the people in the class
  • I finally feel like I somewhat understand Algebra whihc is a sharp contrast from my freshman year.
  • The daily warm ups and class activities.
  • the candy. Also talk about unrelated things (this is good)
  • the best thing about this class was how much Ms. Walczak was willing to help the students. It didn’t matter if it was before school, after or during SRT Ms. Walczak would always help explain something.
  • We have a good balance between having fun and getting work done. I like that we can joke around and you try not to laugh, but we can tell you want to anyway.
  • the rewards and that I know the topics now
  • I like that you actually show interest even when the things I talk about in class can be very dumb.
  • She does a good job at her teaching and is respectful to students and handles situations very well. And she loves her job
  • I enjoy being pushed and learning new things. I feel a lot smarter after this year (which I love) and is largely in part to you.
  • The music taste of the class
  • I felt like I had all the resources I needed. There was tough material, but I actually learned it instead of just trying to get by.
  • making jokes

How can class be improved for next year?

  • a little slower 
  • If majority of the class isn’t understanding something, don’t move on.
  • Group work is good, but working with each student individually would be good too. Also, homework presentations are stressful.
  • No more unit reflections.
  • Make it easier
  • Giving less homework problems but make them a little more difficult
  • I wish the units got a little more in depth, and even though I enjoy group work, I would want more teaching in front of the class so I can thoroughly understand.
  • Many more projects inside of class like the barbie bungee.
  • More giving out candy, more Hank Hill memes, and more practice time in class.
  • I think next year the class should be pretty much the same thing except for minor things. Like more student teaching type things so we do some examples of a problem then students go to the board and complete a problem like the one we just practiced together. Then we can move on to the next steps of the problem.
  • different seating arrangement and working on homework in class
  • Do homework packet’s for each chapter.
  • Maybe control the class better idk

You find out that your friend has Ms. Walczak next year. What do you tell him/her? (Note: dropping the class is not an option)

  • You’re going to like her. Just pay attention and don’t be disrespectful, then she will like you.
  • To make sure to pay attention and not slack off because if you zone out you miss a lot of information. She covers a lot in a short amount of time and don’t be afraid to ask her questions.
  • Make sure your practice the problems she gives you in packets and do the study guides because they highly reflect what is on the test.
  • Its a good class to take and just do your homework don’t always bank on the dice to be no check
  • Practice the units and lessons a lot, Ms. Walczak gives a lot of practice work and it comes to good use.
  • Enjoy it, and ask help if you need it. Also do your homework presentations
  • That they need to do the note in class and pay attention, also do the homework because the packets really help with review. Also the ms. Walczak is very understanding, if you cant do something, she will help, or if you weren’t here shell show you what to do. But they will have a great time in here!
  • Run
  • Shes a good teacher, you might not get along at first but you will learn to love her.
  • Take advantage of reassessing things because they’re there to help you.
  • Make her speak in french
  • You’re lucky, you will learn a lot and listen to some good music.
  • She’s the best teacher I’ve had
  • Its cool most of the time. But she gets mad easily will move you
  • That they need to work harder to graduate one day
  • tell them to make jokes
  • Ask questions because she is patient and will give you extra help. And revise things for a good grade and more understanding

What is something Ms. Walczak should keep next year?

  • Rolling the dice
  • john Travolta
  • Being able to reassess tests and quizzes
  • the projects
  • Quizzez
  • The daily warm ups
  • Dice and herself
  • Her boyfriend
  • Partner quizzes and tests, allows for people to work together and collaborate.
  • her job
  • The barbie project and the sets warm up.
  • the candy and homework presentations

What is something Ms. Walczak should change next year?

  • Nothing
  • packets
  • How fast we went through some units.
  • The homework policy.
  • I think that you shpuld put the grades of the tests and quizes on them so then they can see it jright when you return it but still have that other goals paper so then they know what to redo when they need to make things up.
  • More lively tone of voice, it’s kind of monotonous, which makes some of us want to sleep.
  • Maybe some more candy opportunities
  • I think more projects and maybe more numbers for the homework. Also i did like using the little white boards, i think you should use them more, and have people bring in their own markers.
  • Her marital status.
  • add in a project maybe
  • Maybe drop the warm ups. Instead of doing those warm ups online, you could do board work and practice. That way, you’d have more time for notes in class and spend less time explaining things during actual class time. If that makes sense.
  • She should make a huge page with all the formulas we will be using throughout the semester.
  • give us an incentive to homework or threaten us more
  • the seating

What is something Ms. Walczak should stop doing next year?

  • Nothing
  • French
  • the dice thing with homework
  • No offense, but high fives.
  • I wouldn’t necessarily stop this, but you should do monthly summaries instead of weekly
  • Giving answers on the back of homework assignments
  • It literally felt like there was a test/quiz like every week. Mayb cut the kids some slack? lol idk
  • I would say not having a daily puzzle every day. Maybe we could spend more time on reviewing. Also, I think it would be beneficial to present only problems students didn’t understand.
  • not letting us go on our chromebook
  • not laughing at funny jokes!

Anything else you want to tell me? (I’m including all of them here)

  • I probably seemed like I didn’t enjoy the class, but if that’s the case, it’s because it’s first hour. I liked the class though.
  • sometimes you play scary music
  • I really enjoyed this class and I always knew I would walk into the classroom and actually learn something unlike some other classes. It was fun in the process too.
  • I overall enjoyed being your student and I think you’re a great fit for Newark High School!
  • You did great, especially for your first year at Newark.
  • No. Thanks for helping me learn more things though!
  • Good Job!
  • overall, the class was very educational, I just didn’t put in as much effort and time as i should have.
  • Gucci
  • Keep up the good work
  • You have done a great job this year. Thank you for doing what you can to make this understanable and fun.
  • I really loved having you as a teacher this year and really upset that its the end of the year. I wish we would have gotten closer, like as a teacher student friendship. You seem like a wonderful person and have a great personality. Hope you stick around here! You have really inspired my do actually try in math. I love math, and im good at it, but i never have really understood some of the basic things until i got into this class. Thank you so much!
  • You should let your laughter out and give students more candy.
  • I think that the utilization of the white boards more would help students a lot.
  • Give them more candy.
  • Overall, I think you were a great teacher. I really did learn a lot of new things, I don’t know how many of these things I’ll remember but I know them now. Also, having you as a math teacher made math class a little less miserable because you made it fun and understandable, most of the time. Sometimes I didn’t know what you were talking about but then you would explain it in a different way and then I would understand.
  • your one of my favorite teachers
  • Thank you for being such a great teacher.
  • I enjoyed having you as my teacher my last year of high school.
  • Nope! You were a very great teacher and I am so happy I had you as my Algebra teacher!
  • Stay walczastic
  • That it was a dope class
  • I really enjoyed Algebra II this year and wanted to let you know that you are a great math teacher.
  • Homework time should be added. It would make everyone happy and they might get there homework done by the next class.
  • This was a blast. I finally feel like I learned something in Math class
  • Thanks for a great year, I’ll miss you!
  • Hi
  • trig is cool
  • more extra credit
  • you are so fun and I think that you handled us really well and I am sorry for Dan & you should never stop teaching because I feel like kids respect you and you are very thorough with what you teach keep it up champ!
  • : )
  • You’re great and I’ll miss you. I’ll probably have to take College Algebra in college next year and I’m so prepared

It’s funny how certain ones stand out more than others. Like even though only one person said anything about the high fives, that one stung a bit. And actually, I can’t believe more didn’t say anything about them. But also there are some really good comments here. I am happy to know students overall seemed to think the class was effective. My homework policy and daily warm ups made an impression on the students. Students recognized that I tried to create more than just a math classroom but a place where they can all feel comfortable. They also confirmed what I knew, which is that my pacing was off in all of my classes. I know that it will be better next year.

Part 3 is coming up with the optional questions from my Teacher Report Card.

Les commentaires des étudiants m’aident à être une meilleure prof.

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