Teacher Report Card Results (Part 1) #MTBoS30

I can now look at my results from my end of the year survey that I gave to all of my students.

Averages for the Likert Scale-type questions:

I think that Ms. Walczak…

  1. Respects each student: 4.77
  2. Uses language that we can all understand: 4.31
  3. Tries to see the student’s point of view: 4.26
  4. Does a good job of treating all students the same: 4.66
  5. Explains topics clearly: 4.06
  6. Seems to enjoy teaching: 4.48
  7. Shows interest in students’ lives: 4.15
  8. Makes me feel important: 4.32
  9. Keeps the class under control without being too tough: 4.49
  10. Has a good pace (not too fast or too slow): 3.98
  11. Answers questions completely: 4
  12. Praises good work: 4.58
  13. Grades fairly: 4.77
  14. Encourages me to be responsible: 4.57
  15. Gives test that reflect the material in the unit: 4.74

So I’m pretty happy with these results! Here’s what I get out of it:

  • Students see me as on their side and overall I’m assessing them well
  • I can still do better at everything here
  • The lowest (has good pace) I agree with so much. Now that I know the courses much better, I think this will improve, but getting my unit pacing better is one of my summer projects
  • The next lowest (answers questions completely and explains topics clearly) will also improve as I teach the content more, but I think it will especially improve when I have everything planned out more than a few days in advance. I laughed at the answering questions one because one of my complaints from students was that I answer questions with questions a lot, but better questioning and more clarity is a goal of mine (and probably will be forever).
  • My highest (respects each student and grades fairly) make me so happy. I really tried with these this year. I had some very disrespectful students this year and tried to always keep my calm and be fair and respectful and I am glad that my students saw this. I also was grading differently for some of my classes, and I am glad that the students saw that it was good.

Part 2 and 3 will come later. Yes, I’m cheating a bit on this #MTBoS30 thing for this post but Meg said it was ok. 🙂

Les remarques des étudiants confirment mes sentiments de cette année.

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