New School

Yeah, I’m moving again. My boyfriend got a new job and I’ll be moving out there to be with him. I really enjoyed my time at Newark Community High School, and learned A LOT. I will miss the community there.

But I am also really excited for the new beginning I will have. I will be teaching Integrated Math II, using the Illinois Model Math curriculum, and a College Algebra-type class that is through the community college. There are other teachers teaching the same classes as me! I am excited to be on a team of teachers that regularly meet to collaborate.

The one thing I am not quite ready for is that school starts August 1 for teachers and August 3 for students! I feel like my summer is already over and I’ve barely done anything on my Summer List! The school is on a quarter system where they go 9 weeks in school and then 2 weeks break. Time to get going on the last few weeks of the summer! TMC is soon, too!

Les nouveaux départs me rendent nerveuse et enthousiaste.

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