#TMC16 Notes

I’m in the process of moving and things are pretty crazy and I start school next week and I’m going crazy but I took some notes in Evernote at TMC. Not very coherent but I’m now paranoid about losing my Evernote stuff after that happened to me last month so I’m just posting it all here. I also don’t have internet yet at my new house (don’t even talk to me about AT&T right now) so I’m barely on my computer until that happens. Well I have wifi right now so here’s my notes – an actual reflection should be coming soon, hopefully.
Talk Less, Smile More:
  • Chalk talk – posters where students write their thoughts/respond to others on the poster, but have to be silent
  • Talking Points – respond with agree/disagree/unsure and why, without commenting on others in round 1, go back around and can now comment in round 2, tally up A/D/U at end
    • Can do as beginning of unit as a preassessment
    • make first few the ones you really want to get at and the others more as extras for groups that move fast
    • point of view can change (personal sometimes)
    • tell me one that you all didn’t have the same response?
    • how can you rewrite to make yourself agree/disagree?
    • put 10 and then leave 3 blank
    • shout out round – have some students (or teacher) shout out great things they heard in their group
    • tinyurl.com/nctmsfjrw –> talking points
    • limit whole class discussion – have a few you really want to talk about
    • put content ones up on chart paper and come back to them throughout the unit
    • plickers – do some (ones you really want to talk about), discuss as class
  • Argument – a statement made with sound reasoning.
    • Claim – the controversial statement being made
    • Warrant – the justification for the claim
    • Argument = claim + warrant
    • “My claim is __________ and my warrant is _______”
  • Soapbox debate
    • Have to stand up and say “My claim is __________ and my warrant is _______”
      • only one person standing at a time – teacher sit down
    • EX: My claim is that the best movie is ____________ and my warrant is because it is ___”
    • Which problem shows the best mistake?
    • What is the best method for solving this system?
    • Poster – “My claim is __________ and my warrant is _______”
  • Circle Debate
    • Summarize, claim+warrant
  • Point, Counter-point
    • Claim+Warrant, has to disagree w/people before
    • Would you rather
    • Would you rather solve this problem using this or that
    • Forcing argument!
    • You have to come up with an argument for each choice
  • Table Debates
    • Debate card w/problem
    • Team A: It is better to solve by this (start with this)
    • Team B: It is better to solve by this
  • Which One Doesn’t Belong
  • Color – Symbol – Image
  • AirServer and Explain Everything to display iPad
  • Write down a lot of what you hear as the kids are talking and come back to it
  • Debate-y words
    • Opinion: best/worst, should, biggest/smallest/most,weirdest/coolest
    • Write answer: always/sometimes/never, agree/ somewhat agree/ disagree
  • QuickWrite
    • Free Write for 2 minutes about the image above. Use the word bank to help you think of things to say!
    • Preface for talking points that have to do with same vocab
    • Writing without editing yourself
  • What is the most…efficient, least error prone…way to solve
    • How could you change to
My Favorites 1
  • I’m on the team! #varsitymath –> tweet picture of me w/sticker
  • SnagIt
    • Screen capture images
    • Edit images
    • Create images
    • Screencasting w/editing
    • Capture student thinking, how to videos, twittereen
    • Fuse App – transfer mobile content to full (paid) TechSmith products over the same wifi connection
    • TURD – Truly Unfortunate Representations of Data
    • bit.ly/HedgesStuff
  • Ms. Pac-Man Transformations
    • debboden.wordpress.com
  • Backwards Bike and Productive Struggle
    • Pick one thing to work at for five minutes every day – something hard (like the backwards bike)
My Favorites 2
  • Sam Shah Mini Explorations
    • Math Munch, Math subreddit, what if, museum of math, vi hart,
    • explore-math.weebly.com
Make it Stick
  • Coming back the next day to practice interrupts the forgetting cycle
  • “You do not want me to be the first person who’s testing you when you get to the test”
    • Have students practice – actually try a problem without their notes/examples in front of them
Sara VanDerWerf – get rid of all distractions around the room – only have things on the wall that she will refer to
  • Look at her blog for math wall of shame
Doceri, zoom app to project student work
My Favorites 3
  • Smarty Pins – game about geography and trivia
Social Justice in Math
My Favorites 4
  • Bootstrap – algebraic videogame programming

Je n’ai pas de temps.