Beginning of Year (Very Rough) Plans

#MTBoS Blaugust, because I said I like a blogging challenge…


School starts Wednesday for students. I have some ideas about how the first three days are going to go but no finalized plans yet because I just can’t get myself to do it. :

  • I am standing outside of door and high-fiving students as they walk in
  • On my board are directions, possibly start using music cues
  • Dan Meyer Who Am I worksheet

I really like Sara VenDerWerf’s ideas she lists here, too.

Any thoughts?

Je ne suis pas prête.

12 thoughts on “Beginning of Year (Very Rough) Plans

  1. Love your list! I used Boaler’s Number Dot last year. My Algebra 2 kids liked it! As far as Desmos goes … why not try the Desmos’ team’s creations … Central Park or WaterLine … make great discussion starters and you’ll get a glimpse of your students’ perseverance and knowledge.


  2. Much coolness. I’ve been using the Megan Golding version of the Who Am I sheet, (I think I have like 3 different MTBoS superstar Info sheets on my flash drive). I’m starting at a new school this year so for the first time in about 9 years I will know zero of my incoming students. I think the Coordinate Activity is going to be an ideal first or second day plan.


  3. I LOVE the 31 derful activity. I am wondering if instead of do it as individual groups…what if each kid was assigned a card (one with 2 cards) to make up 25 and they had to communicate with everyone in the class?? That might be a bit much but that would force them to talk to EVERYBODY on the first day! haha and work together 😉


    • That could work! The thing is that I’m not sure every set of 25 cards can do it but it might. You just have to be careful. I’d maybe let kids exchange cards if they want, or you check beforehand that the set of 25 you give actually has a way to work.
      I liked the groups of 3-4 that I did because we were able to discuss afterward what good group work looked like and also how the different groups had different strategies to get the answer.

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