Warm Up Plan for This Year #MTBoSBlaugust


I probably should have had a plan before the school year started, but here’s what I’m thinking for warm ups this year:

Monday – Estimation 180

Tuesday – Number Talk/Visual Patterns like what Sara says (even though she says to do it all in a row instead of once per week but oh well)

Wednesday – Notice and Wonder with 101qs

Thursday – Debate with Would You Rather Math and Which One Doesn’t Belong

Friday – Reflection (one good thing, what you learned, what you need help with) and a different warm up each week. Set, counting circles, graphing stories, other fun things from Lisa and Jessica’s TMC16 session. That could be a terrible idea or maybe it’ll be great. I don’t know. We’ll see.

I want to go back to having a sheet for warm ups. Here’s what I have so far. What do you guys think I should change? I’ll make it all pretty this weekend.

Daily Warm Up Sheet (docx)

Daily Warm Up Sheet (pdf)

M’aidez s’il vous plaît.

10 thoughts on “Warm Up Plan for This Year #MTBoSBlaugust

  1. I like how your warm-ups fit the whole week on one page – I’m going to have to see if I can do that, too. When you do Estimation 180, do you do a series (e.g., heights or cheeseballs) or do you do them at random?


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