My #TMC16 Reflection Post 1: #DesCon16 #MTBoSBlaugust

I’ve probably waited to long to do this reflection. I probably should have tried to reflect sooner than almost a month after TMC16 ended. But between moving and starting school within two weeks of me getting back, I just couldn’t get myself to do it. I figure late is better than never in this case. I’m going to do four posts, I think, since putting them all together would just be too long.

Day 1: Desmos Pre-Conference #DesCon16

I got in to Augsburg a little after midnight that night and tried to get into the dorm but the doors were locked so I found the button to call the front desk and he let me up. As I walked up the stairs, there were a bunch of kids in the lounge eating pizza and having fun, and that made me think I was in the wrong place because I thought Twitter Math Camp was for adults…but the front desk had my key and I went upstairs to my room. There was no roommate there, so I didn’t have anyone to feel bad for getting in so late. I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow and woke up about 6 hours later to get ready for Desmos. I had carefully picked which mathy t-shirt I was going to wear for each day when I had packed, but changed my mind about 5 times before finally deciding on my “√-1 2³ Σ Π and it was delicious” t-shirt. I walked out of the dorm and saw Anna @TypeAMathLand walking alongside me and was too nervous to say anything before getting in line for breakfast. Lisa @lmhenry9 was in front of me and approached me to give me tickets to the baseball game I was going to. I got breakfast and found a table with a couple people at it and introduced myself. I didn’t know them and they were both first time TMC-ers, too. Then, Mary @mlangmyer ended up sitting with me and I had actually been to her session on literacy at MMC! Soon after, Anna ended up sitting at my table! That was cool. And then Kristen @Fouss ended up joining us! I was pretty star struck already.

Then there was Dan and video Eli and Michael and Christopher and Jenny and omg. They showed us some really cool stuff and had us play around with the calculator and Activity Builder. They showed us what other people had made in Desmos, card sorts and custom marbleslides, bundles in teacher.desmos, cool new teacher dashboard features (hiding student names and turning them into mathematicians), and hearing impaired options to make the graphs talk to you. I was blown away the whole time. And when I was in different rooms working, I was able to experiment on my own, ask questions, answer other people’s questions, and play with other people’s creations.

Sara @saravdwerf gave a very inspiring keynote about being an evangelist. I plan to write soon about what I am a chief evangelist for. I am excited because I already feel like this was me and now theres a name for it. She also spoke about Desmos and how students should be able to use Desmos on their phones in school. Omg wow. This is amazing. All of my students have phones – all of them can use Desmos whenever they want. I will post some time about my Desmos plans. I have not used it yet in the first 8 days of school and that is a shame and I want to use it. I will have students on Desmos next week if it’s the last thing I do.

The most amazing part of the day was that Dan Meyer recognized who I was.

2016-07-15 13.12.05-1

That evening Desmos was hosting a happy hour before the baseball game some of us were going to. I saw some other people walking there from the dorm and it was super packed. I saw three women who also seemed to be looking for somewhere to sit so we could eat before the game. I asked if I could join them and one of them turned out to be Jennifer @HHSmath, who I had been tweeting about running at TMC the few days before. She was with some other Boston-area teachers – Kathy @kd5campbell and Allison. They got some cheese curds that I didn’t realize was just a midwest thing. I ended up taking the train to the game with them. I don’t follow baseball too much and neither team was from Chicago, so I wasn’t all that invested in the game but still had a lot of fun. Jennifer, Kathy, and I left before it ended and Jennifer and I caught Pokemon on the train. I ended up kind of attached to Jennifer and Kathy for the whole TMC. I was extremely grateful that they let me hang out with them. I really hope I get to spend more time with them again.

J’ai hâte d’utiliser Desmos avec mes étudiants cette année!


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