#TMC16 Reflection Post 2: Day 2 #MTBoSBlaugust

I posted about my Day 1 with #DesCon16 here.

Day 2: TMC Day 1

Now, I already posted my notes I took in the sessions I went to here. So this will be more of what I want to do from them and also the more social stuff.

The day started with a New-to-TMC session where I realized that there were a ton of newbies like me. Glen @gwaddellnvhs and Julie @jreulbach were so nice to put that on for us. We then went to the chapel for the opening session. It was during this that I solidified my choice of a morning session and decided on Talk Less, Smile More with Chris @Plspeak and Matt @stoodle. This was amazing. I want to debate all day every day in my classes.

So my plan is to incorporate debate into my warm ups at least. I will have debates on Thursdays with Which One Doesn’t Belong and Would You Rather. I would like to also use it just regularly during class. I LOVE the claim/warrant bit of it. I’ve already tried it once and the students seem to latch onto it pretty well. I think this will help them on their assessments, too. I would love to do a full scale debate, but will probably not get to that this year. I also think the debate cards are a great idea and hope to use this in class. I also really need to make these for my walls and put them up on each wall:


I also worked in this morning session with some Algebra II teachers (even though I’m doing Integrated Math 2 but it does line up with some of it). Julie, Sara, Annie @Anniekperkins, Amy @sqrt_1, and I worked on creating some Algebra II stuff that incorporates debate. I look forward to working with these ladies during the school year to develop more debate-y questions.

We had lunch after the morning session at AfroDeli. It was really really good. I sat with Jamie @jrykse and two other teachers who are teaching in Indonesia, I think, and I can’t remember or find their names and I’m really sorry. It was so great to hear about different perspectives and different ways schools work (this was a theme for the entire TMC).

After lunch, it was my first My Favorites. These were the parts that I had most highly anticipated after reading about them from past TMCs. I will soon post a picture of me with my Varsity Math sticker.

The Keynote speaker that afternoon was José @TheJLV. He talked about social justice. It was really powerful and filled with funny gifs. I’m going to hopefully post something about social justice math soon.

I then went to Sara’s afternoon session on the Backwards Bike and Productive Struggle. Wow. I want to pretty much do everything from this session. She and her coworkers worked on something really hard (the backwards bike) every day and it taught them about struggling. I loved that the students saw this struggle. I really want to do something like this eventually. I’m also not sure when Sara said this, but she said that she got rid of all distractions around her room so the only posters she has up are ones she consistently refers to. This really hit home for me. When I first started teaching I was afraid of empty space on my walls. I printed out a million things and covered my walls. I almost never referred to anything I had put up. I’ve had less on the walls each year and now only have stuff on the walls that I have to have up or I will refer to often. I will post soon on how my room is looking.

I went to Becca @RPhillipsMath’s session on Every Kid, Every Day. I fully agreed with everything she was saying and I wish there was more time to hear her ideas.

There was Speed Dating afterwards that was run by Lisa’s Husband. It was awesome to meet other people that were there. I loved the categories.

Then, there was the new-to-TMC dinner. I met Sean @SweenWSweens (who I had used his math music in class) who asked me for something interesting about myself. I said I played percussion and he didn’t think that was interesting enough, but he did need a drummer for something later. I agreed to help and didn’t really know what I was getting into. I learned that some people, specifically Tina @TPalmer207, see words in color. I also learned about teaching and living at a boarding school (close to my hometown!) from Maggie @maggietennyson. I was learning so much about different people. It just kept blowing me away. And it was only Day 2.

We all went back to the dorm and hung out for a while until it was finally time to go to bed. It seriously felt like camp. I loved it.

Les gens étaient la meilleure partie de TMC.

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