#TMC16 Reflection Post 4: Day 4 and 5 #MTBoSBlaugust

Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, and TMC16 Notes in case you want them.

Day 4: TMC Day 3

I did not take great notes in the last two days of TMC. There was a lot going on, though.

In the morning for My Favorites Joel @joelbezaire showed us a game (Variable Analysis) I will try to play with my class at some point. It seems fun. I’m just already stressed about time. We also saw Gregory @mathtans show off his creativity with a song about the cubic formula to the tune of Sister Act. So awesome to see the creative side that some people have.

For lunch that day I went back to AfroDeli so I could talk with Lisa about warm ups. Bob also joined us and we ended up talking about a ton of other stuff – grading, vertical nonpermanent surfaces, teaching in general. It was awesome.

The only note I have about My Favorites in the afternoon was about Smarty Pins. It’s a geography/trivia game that could be fun. Maybe I’ll learn geography since I never learned it in school. The keynote was Dylan @math8_teacher. He shared a lot of things about his teaching experiences that were similar to mine. I think my 10% to get better at is parent contact this year. I’m going to try to blog about my thoughts on this later. I’m also hoping to blog more to help all teachers.

I then went to the session I was probably anticipating the most – Go With the Flow by Alex @AlexOverwijk. My room has a wall in the back that has all white boards and I just made 9 white boards this summer. I knew about Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces before, but didn’t know enough details. I’ve now turned this into my #1TMCThing. I have had students all in groups at the VNPS once but I need to rearrange my room so it works better. I’m so excited to do more with this.

I then went to a flex session about social justice in math. Annie @Anniekperkins showed us how she talked about a different mathematician every Friday that wasn’t just some dead white guy. I really want to do this, too. I just gotta find a good way to do this in class. Like I said before – I’m a little stressed about time, but this would be worth it.

I spent the entire evening and night working with Bob, Rachel @rdkpickle, and Judy @JudyLarsen3 on our performance the next day. It was great working with these guys on the music. I was so excited to hear how the lyrics came out. I went back to the dorm after hours and hours of working to find Jennifer and Kathy in the lounge and we talked for a little bit. It was nice to meet back up with them.

Day 5: TMC Day 4

I’m going to be honest, I was pretty nervous to perform in front of all of the math teachers that I idolized. So I don’t remember much of the My Favorites, unfortunately. I was too busy being nervous. I wrote down Bootstrap for video game programming – this reminded me of a video game maker my brother used to use when we were little. I’d like to learn more about it some day.

The TMC16 Song performance was kind of a blur. I remember when I messed up. I also remember that it was a lot of fun. I’m very grateful that I met Sean and that he let me be a part of this event. Here’s a video (I’m the one playing on the trash can and music stand – we worked with what we had):

Then TMC was over. I had been smiling for pretty much five days straight. But then the sad feels came on. I didn’t want to go. I was driving back for six hours and then getting ready for a move. Wasn’t ready to face reality yet. When Jennifer and Kathy said they were going to Mall of America, I said I’d drive them. We worked our geometry skills to figure out how to fit all of us with our stuff and spent some time at Mall of America. This place was massive and I didn’t even cover a little bit of it. We saw some Ninja Turtles, Spongebob and Patrick, and a marker and ate lunch.

The drive back was much nicer than the drive there (because daylight), and I got home that night. I missed everyone, especially Jennifer and Kathy so much. I’m still missing TMC16. I’m going to see how scheduling works out but I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to make TMC17 because this year I started school August 1 and TMC17 ends July 30. I hope my school decides to start later next year.

TMC me manque.

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