Things I Still Need To Figure Out #MTBoSBlaugust

So there’s a lot of stuff that’s going well so far this year (as of the third week of school), but there’s also a lot that I still need to figure out. My desk arrangement is no longer on this list thanks to Twitter. Here’s the list and explanations:

  • How to have my students use Desmos in class (either on their phone or Chromebook) without feeling like I’m cheating them because they won’t be able to use it for tests because:
    • I definitely can’t allow phones to be out during tests because there’s no way to monitor phones
    • My district does not have a Chromebook management system where I can monitor what the students are on.
    • I have to use the same tests as the rest of the teachers do that teach my course, and there are questions that can definitely be looked up online
  • How to assign homework to students because:
    • I want to spiral or lag homework but
    • I just have a textbook that doesn’t line up with what I teach in the class because we’re actually using a different curriculum and doesn’t have an answer key, which I believe is important for practice
    • I don’t have Kuta and don’t really want to spend forever creating homework packets (but I might)
    • Checking homework takes so much time!
  • How to pace my classes because:
    • 50 minutes is so short! (I know there are shorter – it was 43 where I went to high school)
    • I still want to do my daily warm ups
    • I would like to have students on Chromebooks and do a Socrative exit slip at the end of class
    • I would like to have students move periodically
    • Visible Random Grouping takes time
  • How to make my boards erase because all I get is this (I tried to erase every bit of this – the custodian has to use graffiti remover to clean it at the end of the day. I guess it’s old shower board)2016-08-16 16.59.24.jpgAlso give me all criticism on what I write on my board
  • How to actually be productive when I’m displaced from my room for my two plan periods (another class in my room)

There’s probably more that I can’t think of right now. Every day I figure out something else, so it’s just a matter of time until I get these, I hope!

Aussi, comment puis-j’être meilleure?

12 thoughts on “Things I Still Need To Figure Out #MTBoSBlaugust

  1. I used Desmos a lot in class but we couldn’t use it on tests. There were days we did not use Desmos – those days we used our TI 84 calculators. My students appreciated the work on Desmos. They loved its clarity. It didn’t seem to hinder them on tests. Of course, I had to be sure they had the calc skills they needed.

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  2. My 2 cents on homework … Give just a little, post the solutions – no grade. Check homework in notebooks on the review day for the test. While students are reviewing, check their notebooks. Use a checklist rubric to make it go quickly. Give notebook grade? Maybe.

    Eventually my students learned that doing homework made a big difference in their overall success. Checking to see if they did it can be used as a discussion point with student and/or parents.

    Quite a bit of KUTA is online – free access. There are other worksheet sources. Creating an open-ended activity that reviews the lesson would be super … but probably time consuming.


  3. I typed up 80% of my homework assignments and put a scrambled answer key at the bottom. Good for those that don’t have internet access. I can’t remember what you’re teaching this year, but if it’s Alg II or PC I’d be glad to share my files with you.


    • You act like I didn’t already use your HW assignments last year. They’re amazing and I wish I was more willing to put in that much effort. I did it for my calc class last year and it just takes so much time. But the scrambled answer key is my favorite thing for homework, I think.
      I’m teaching Integrated Math 2 and a college algebra-type class. But I only have to worry about hw for Math 2. I might end up taking some of your stuff and typing out more. Still haven’t completely decided.


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