Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces #VNPS

So my #1TMCThing after this summer was to use Vertical Non-Permanent Surfaces (#VNPS) more in class. I had gone to Alex ‘s @AlexOverwijk session and was really looking forward to using the white boards I had made, which I don’t think I ever blogged about.

This summer I was trying to make white boards since my room at my old school only had one wall with white board on it. No hardware store around me had any idea what shower board was. So I spent a little more money and bought some plywood and dry erase paint, had Home Depot cut the wood for us, and we got to work. My boyfriend and I were in the middle of doing this when my landlord started mowing the lawn, so there are some spots where grass clippings got on it. There were also a lot of bug carcasses. If you ever do this yourself, maybe in a garage or somewhere you can keep things off of it for a while would be better. Also, paint the boards plain white first, then put the dry erase paint on it.


At the beginning of the year, when I was not into the content yet and still doing beginning of the year activities, I used these a lot.

First I used them at the groups as a big dry erase surface that was just a tad better than their desks because it’s hard to hold all the cards for 31-derful on the desks that are slightly slanted and only kinda fit together. I did have students that wrote on the boards but I guess I only got the one pic on the top left.


Then for a while I was having groups up at the boards, usually just for routine practice. (Man this was back when my desks were still in rows on 8/11. Those were dark days.)2016-08-11 12.11.48.jpg

Then I kind of fell off the VNPS train…until last week! In my Math Lit class (a prerequisite class to the first math class at the community college), the students were wrapping up learning about solving equations and had a lesson that was all about modeling a situation with equations. The students are used to a word problem or two in each lesson, but this was all word problems from start to finish. As you might expect, the students were pretty uneasy about this. But I had them go with their groups to the white boards and they worked up to the bell on trying to solve all the problems. Group one took my directions a little to seriously about not erasing.


This also happened to be a day where I was being observed. My assistant principal echoed my thoughts:

  • It was great to see that every student contributed to the group’s effort at least once throughout the period
  • It was so easy to see what the groups were doing the entire time
  • It was great that you could see the group that was struggling and send over a helper from a group that was excelling without really losing any flow in the class
  • Groups wanted to keep going – nobody was sitting back and letting the others do the work, and no group gave up
  • It was great to hear groups say things like “This is making my head hurt,” or “Why didn’t you tell us that?!” but they kept going.

I love this class because they are a perfect example of 19 students who will persevere 100% of the time. They also confirm why VNPS is a great practice for the classroom. I can’t wait to use it more. I just need to find the right problems.

Quand les étudiants utilisent les tableaux blancs, le cours est meilleur.

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