I Found the STEM Room at the Louvre!

So I recently got back from a trip to London and Paris. Every day was incredible. And I found the math and science room at the Louvre (world’s largest museum, in Paris)!

So I now have a week until I leave for PCMI and then I’ll have 2 weeks when I get back before school starts. Where has the summer gone? I still haven’t even looked at my results from my student end-of-the-year survey, and haven’t read any blogs in a while. So I hope to do those things and arrange my new classroom, along with plan for a wedding. 🙂

Il m’a demandé en mariage à la base du Tour Eiffel!


5 thoughts on “I Found the STEM Room at the Louvre!

  1. Félicitations pour vos fiançailles! (I cheated and used Google; my ancient schoolgirl French wasn’t up to “engagement”.) It sounds like a wonderful trip. I had never heard of that room at the Louvre; what a find!

    I am also excited about PCMI and I think (judging by recent housing email) we are roommates there! More MTBoS connections… fun.


  2. How funny – I was just there yesterday and just caught up on my blogging today. But I am sure I would not have found it! Headed back to London today for some more sightseeing-it seems like we are in opposite directions!


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