Teacher Report Card Results 2017 (Part 1)

I gave a Teacher Report Card survey to my classes about a month before school ended this year. The reason for that was 1) I was gone that day to be at the Western ICTM Conference, 2) I also wanted to give a survey to get some data for my upcoming probability unit and put those questions first, and 3) I have realized over the years that giving it on the last day does not always give me genuine results. I don’t know if a month before is better, but I think it worked. I had distributed it on Google Classroom so I knew which students finished it, but kept the responses anonymous. So over the last month of school I had some trickle in, too.

It was almost the same as mine from 2016. Part 1 Results and reflections follow.

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 4.38.06 PM

Averages for the Likert Scale-type questions (first number is score from 2016 and second number is score from 2017):

I think that Ms. Walczak…

  1. Respects each student: 4.77 –> 4.78
  2. Uses language that we can all understand: 4.31 –> 4.48
  3. Tries to see the student’s point of view: 4.26 –> 4.36
  4. Does a good job of treating all students the same: 4.66 –> 4.69
  5. Explains topics clearly: 4.06 –> 4.12
  6. Seems to enjoy teaching: 4.48 –> 4.71
  7. Shows interest in students’ lives: 4.15 –> 4.25
  8. Makes me feel important: 4.32 –> 4.27
  9. Keeps the class under control without being too tough: 4.49 –> 4.52
  10. Has a good pace (not too fast or too slow): 3.98 –> 4.09
  11. Answers questions completely: 4 –> 4.34
  12. Praises good work: 4.58 –> 4.51
  13. Grades fairly: 4.77 –> 4.66
  14. Encourages me to be responsible: 4.57 –> 4.47
  15. Cares about her students: (didn’t ask) –> 4.62
  16. Loves math: (didn’t ask) –> 4.87

So I am actually kind of surprised by these results but then not that surprised. The population I taught in 2016-2017 was very very different than from 2015-2016, in number of students, racial and socioeconomic diversity of students, type of classes, age range, motivation level, outside influences, etc. So I was expecting the results to be pretty different, as well. But then when I think about it I realize that I tried to treat the kids with respect in both schools and did my best in both schools to teach the required content in the best way. I definitely missed the mark sometimes on those things in both years.

This year I also looked closely at every response that had given me a 2 or 1 in a category to find what that student specifically said in the other parts. It was interesting that some of those were my highest praises. I guess students understand that there’s always something to work on. (Or they didn’t understand the scale, but there were probably ones that didn’t understand that went in my favor, too, so it probably doesn’t matter.) Also, two students who gave me lowest scores answered everything exactly the same but substituted the other students’ name into answers (I’m assuming – I guess it could be other random students). I’m not sure if I should still include their responses since they weren’t really answering, but I did anyway.

A lot of categories improved! The only ones that didn’t were “Makes me feel important”, “Praises good work”, “Grades fairly”, and “Encourages me to be responsible”. Those do make me kind of sad. I don’t really know what I did differently that made them decrease, besides “Grades fairly”. The other ones I felt like I specifically made more of an effort on this year, but I guess it didn’t come through.

I was expecting a lower score on the “Grades fairly” because I didn’t have much choice in grading this year. I had to give quizzes and tests using Mastery Manager, which grades multiple choice and numerical answer questions for you and had to take those scores. There was no partial credit on any assessment I gave this year. I didn’t like it but didn’t have any way to fight it. That accounted for 80% of their semester grade and their final exam grade, which is 10% of their final semester grade. The other portion of their grade came mostly from my Reflections in Google Classroom and I don’t think anyone was really arguing about those, but maybe they were. Most got a 100% and if they didn’t they could always go back and fix them. Maybe I’ll write a post on those at some point.

My lowest score, for the second year in a row, was about pacing. To be honest, though, I didn’t have much of a choice on that either. I had to give my assessments on the same days as the other teachers of the courses (or within a day, really). The math department is working on better pacing because we all recognized it was bad with the new curriculum. And once again, “Explains topics clearly” was the next lowest. I am confident that I will improve on this as I continue teaching. Next year I will be teaching one of the same courses, although it will change from regular to honors level. I hope my score improves in this category, especially in the honors course.

My highest were “Loves math”, “Respects each student”, and “Seems to enjoy teaching”. Yay! I would hate to have those at the bottom. I think it’s really important for students to see people enjoying what they do in their professions. I also think that no student will learn if they feel disrespected. In fact, only 4 students gave me my lowest score of 3 in that one! Kind of weird that some of the ones I feel are related to those didn’t get as high of scores.

Overall I am pleased with these results. I feel like it was a bumpy year but I tried pretty hard. I can still improve in everything but I’ve come a long way since my first year.

C’est intéressant de voir ces résultats et les comparer a l’année précédente.

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