Some Warm Up Files

I was asked when I gave my last presentation about my Warm Up routine about the files I use. I have always given out my Daily Warm Up Sheet files, but I realized I hadn’t given the actual files. It didn’t occur to me that others would want them, too. Oops! So I put them all in this Google Drive folder because some of the files are too big for uploading here.

Warm Up Files Google Drive Folder

Some notes about the files:

Formatting – I have a .flipchart file and a .pdf of everything. The flipcharts work with the program ActivInspire, which runs on the Promethean Boards we have at my school. I did a quick Google search about converting .flipchart to SMARTboard files and it looks like it’s possible, but I didn’t really look much further.

Set – All I did was take screenshots from the Set app on my iPad and send put them into my template in the flipchart. Looking back, I wish I had made the template just a little prettier. It gets the job done, though. Before I had a Promethean Board or even the thought of getting ahead with the images, I would just go to the website in the morning and just click from

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 9.05.09 PM.png

Patterns – all taken from I just took screenshots of one step and then a screenshot of the rest.

Estimation – I just project my desk arrangement on the board. Yours probably is different.

Not Just Dead White Dudes – I also show these on Fridays, so I figured I’d include them. I got most of the images from Sean @MrCoreyMath. He shared his mathematician posters with us when I was at PCMI in 2017. He said it’s ok to share the folder that he put together: Sean’s Mathematician Folders. The pdf of this file will not be awesome because in order to fit some of the images I have to put them in the range outside of the print area. So sorry about that.

Hope this helps!

Oui, il y a plus avec mes échauffements.