Learning Google Sheets Coding – Weight Loss Challenge and Merchandise Order Form

I fully believe that if I went through high school/college a few years later, I would be in a career that involves coding. Every time I dabble in it, I am enthralled by it. My CS 101 class was definitely my favorite in college, but that also may have been because my professor had lots of the assignments and assessment questions related to Green Day…

Weight Loss Challenge

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.36.40 PMSo my most recent bout in coding was using Google Sheets to make a Weight Loss Challenge for me and my friends. We all decided we would compete to see who could lose the highest percentage of weight. I loved working to make this spreadsheet do what I wanted to. There’s conditional formatting, if( statements, vlookup(, etc… All sorts of fun formulas that have it automatically calculate the percentage and the winner.

I particularly love that I started with a simple percentage formula and when I realized that I would have to go in myself to change the formula each week, I was able to look up suggestions for how to get the formula to only calculate if a certain cell has data. The hunt for the right formula was exhilarating.

Here’s a copy of the Google Sheet in case you’re interested. If you want to make a copy, go to File –> Make a Copy.


Merchandise Order Form

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 11.35.45 PMMy husband is a band director and was wanting to get his merchandise order form online without having to pay the company for using their website, and he also wanted some sort of receipt to be sent to the buyer that said the total price. He likes Google Forms a lot so I knew the answer was going to be a Google Sheet! I set up formulas with lots of if( statements to make a response turn into a price and then used the Add-ons Copy Down and Form Mule to make those formulas happen for every response and the email with the receipt to be sent out. It was a bit tedious to set up each formula for each item’s price, so maybe there’s a better way to set up the form or the sheet to make that nicer. Something to learn more about for next time.

Here’s a copy of the Google Sheet. If you want to make a copy, go to File –> Make a Copy.


In Class

I’ll be honest, I haven’t really had to do any crazy coding for class. The only way that I can think of that I use Google Sheets in class with fun formulas is with my Weekly Summaries. Usually, I just am doing a simple sum or average kind of formula with something.

My goal is always to have the sheet do its thing without me having to go back in and configure it. Do you have any fun ways to use Google Sheets?

Maintenant, je dois penser de comment je puis l’utiliser en classe!

Intro Webquest and Survey


So I’m just gonna keep using the 2017-2018 Sunday Funday prompts because it’s fun. I pretty much have done the same thing at the beginning of the year for the last two years because it’s gone really well. One important day is when I have learners get acquainted with my class website and Google Classroom. They also use this time to answer questions for me about themselves. It’s not the first day, but definitely in the first five.

I’m pretty sure I got this webquest idea from I Speak Math but now I can’t find it but it was from at least four years ago…Anyway I’ve set up all my Google Classroom classes to look like this:

Learners will be instructed to find their Chromebook number and I will give them the class code. The rest of the period will be for them to complete assignments #001 and #002. Most will get it done in that period, but I will have some that take longer for various reasons and also absent/not-yet enrolled learners so I made the due date at the end of the second full week of school.

The Pre-Class Survey is compiled of questions I’ve gathered from the #MTBoS over time and things I’ve realized I wanted to know right away. I make it a point to look at this survey right away and again for the next few days and again after a week and again after another week. I don’t want to miss anything. It also really helps me learn my learners’ names because I can start associating them with their thoughts.

The things I look for immediately (after the medical question) are the answers to “I want to get a good grade” and “I will enjoy coming to math class”. If there are any No’s to that one, those are my immediate contacts. I also share with the class the next week what they think the purpose of homework is and what they think their grade should show so we can have a conversation about making that a reality. The question with the character count goes into some of my first class tweets. The language questions also help me plan for if when I need translators for when I send home emails and when I’m making my welcome phone calls. All the questions with the agreement scales will be compared with later results when they get those questions again. I tried not to include questions that were superfluous (one of my new favorite words). Feedback is welcome.

You can copy the survey with this link: Pre-Class Survey

Then, there is the Webquest. I want them to figure out that the class website should be their go-to place for questions if I’m not around (or honestly if I am around but they can answer themselves).

This forces them to go to almost every page on the website. #4 is where I will make sure they have the Share to Classroom extension installed. And the Desmos activity at the end is the Pool Border Problem. In the past, I’ve done Central Park, but I think this one may be better for the first Desmos task because I get to see pretty much the same content, but it explains a little more about using Desmos and has the sketch tool and leads into what we’re going to do when we use Visual Patterns in our warm ups. And it’s more summer-themed!

You can copy the webquest with this link: Intro Webquest

Feedback is very welcome. What should be added/changed/deleted?

C’est beaucoup mais c’est nécessaire.

Goals for 2019-2020 School Year


So I do this fun thing where I have my Feedly following a ton of #MTBoS blogs and I can never keep up but I’ll read a few a day for a while and I’ll bounce between looking at the newest to the oldest to scrolling to somewhere in the middle. I’m now at all blogs between 3 months ago and 23 months ago. And guess what was coming back 23 months ago – Sunday Funday! I am pretty sure I missed it then, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it now! So the first prompt was Goals. And here are mine.

(P.S. 24 months ago was #TMC17 and it looks like I missed out on some awesome stuff, but it’s still so fun to see all the excitement in everyone’s blog posts and I really wish I could have gone and seen my #TMC16 friends again because I don’t know if I ever will again and I miss them and that was the best time ever)

START in the Classroom:

  • Stand and Talks (Thank you Amy for confirming that this is amazing in this post and reminding me of it). I am so so so excited about these and I think my students will really be successful with them. Could #debatemath be tied into this?
  • Incorporate some sort of collection of work probably in Google Slides where I have at least one thing from each student. I’m thinking something like Jeniffer’s Review ebook. But I want to have students adding to it all year, maybe?
  • Make a bigger deal about birthdays. Every learner will get a day for them.
  • Class Instagram. Still do the class Twitter, but add Instagram and maybe even have learners be the ones that take the pics. When I asked Twitter about this, I got an overwhelming response to do both!
  • Focus on Vocabulary! I’m teaching Geometry for the first time since I taught it in summer school for a couple years back when I first started teaching. Vocab can really be a killer there, but there’s also a ton of vocab in Algebra I that I should have already focused on. I have a high ELL population and this will help them so much along with helping my other learners. I don’t know where in my room I can do a Word Wall, but I’m also thinking of doing something like Tally Talks from Sara and more Desmos Polygraph with Andrew’s Vocab Jar. I also think just having vocab projected on the board during #VNPS and Stand and Talk time and all the time will be super helpful and super doable.

(RE)CONTINUE in the Classroom:

  • Family Connections. Call every working phone number once at the beginning of the year to introduce to the class. If I get behind, I can not call the five that show up to open house. Last year was the first year I didn’t do this and I definitely felt like there were families I never connected with, even with my Weekly Summaries. And now that my district is using Gmail, I want to take advantage of the Schedule Send to make sure I don’t forget about my unit newsletters. I need to keep family communication a priority.
  • Focus on my language. I’ve done pretty well with changing “students” to “learners”, and I started being good about not using “guys” but fell off the wagon there. Gotta get back on that wagon and also maybe add that I’m not gonna say “point” for decimals (totally agree with Sara here because my biggest setback with using Delta Math this year was rounding). This also makes me think of the “13 Rules That Expire” by Karp, Bush, and Dougherty and I saw their presentation at NCTM Chicago Regional 2017 and it wanted me to change all my words. Also Nix the Trix. But I’m gonna try to start small and go with stopping saying “guys” and “point” this year.
  • More #VNPS. I have a room with a pretty good setup of Vertical whiteboards. They don’t erase very well, but I have students that usually enjoy cleaning them in my Advisory. I need to utilize them more than I did last year.
  • Delta Math. I went a couple years with not really giving practice for homework. But last year I added in Delta Math and we did plenty of it in class but I ended up having a due date because it actually helped a bit with motivation. I learned a lot about assigning Delta Math and how much is appropriate. I also know that most of my colleagues will be using MathXL (we piloted it last year) and Delta Math is way more accessible to my students outside of school because they can do it much easier on their phones. My Delta Math assignments will continue to be unit-long assignments that don’t get graded until the end, but I will have recommended due dates for certain topics.
  • Puzzles. This year I kept a few Hanayama metal puzzles and the year before I had Christopher’s Tiling Turtles. I think it’s a guarantee that at least one thing will end up broken/lost, but maybe that’s worth it for the joy it creates. Gotta find somewhere besides my desk to keep them…or maybe I don’t because it’s good to keep an eye on them. Decisions for later.

STOP in the Classroom:

  • Working harder than most of my students.
  • Blaming their Standards Based Grading history (Freshman year is the first year they don’t have SBG) on their attitudes. I need to focus on what we can do now to help.
  • Feeling bad when I’m not available to help after school every day. I need to set office hours and realize that one kid that was asking for help that one day will be ok waiting a day or two or help them help themselves.


  • Become Google Level 2 Certified.
  • Play more percussion.
  • Be more involved in the #MTBoS because the times when I am, I am the happiest.
  • Learn to cook 1 new thing every month. I can no longer say I’m a terrible cook like I used to 🙂 but I still would like more variety and after getting married and getting stuff from the registry I have all the kitchen tools to make more cooking happen!
  • Stay in #FitBos. The Married 15 was no myth. My biggest fear (no joke) is having to shop for new clothes because I hate shopping for clothes.

I already set a reminder in Google Keep to check in with this post to see how I’m doing in a month. There’s a lot of goals here, but if I keep checking in, I am confident I can do a lot of them this year.

Je suis la plus heureuse quand je suis avec vous, le #MTBoS.

Reflection on 2018-2019 School Year

A couple days ago I posted my 2018-2019 Teacher Report Card Results. The feedback I got from students was more positive than I expected, actually. This wasn’t the most awesome year, but I’ve come to realize that there is actually more good that happened than bad. This post gets kind of mopey but that was kind of the year I had and it ends up being a more positive reflection.

I reflected on my first quarter here. I feel like I accomplished what I wanted to in second quarter – my Algebra I students did some great stuff with graphing lines and systems. It definitely was a fun quarter with lots of Desmos and lots of learning. My Honors Math II class also got to do my and their favorite unit – trigonometry.

Second semester was where things started to go a bit downhill. My school has decided to switch from an integrated pathway to a traditional one. So this year was the first year that we had Algebra I instead of Integrated Math I. I had to pilot a unit from two curricula to inform the district before they made a decision. We tried a unit from CPM and a unit from Pearson EnVision. I desperately wanted everything to go great with CPM because I know it’s got a great philosophy and great problems and great PD and just seems like the ideal curriculum. But it totally bombed with my classes. I think it was mostly attributed to us just doing one unit in the middle of the year (actually it was the first unit back from Winter Break and was marred by a bunch of snow/ice days/early releases), but the students kind of revolted against all the words and were very expressive of how they didn’t feel like they were learning. I felt pretty down about myself as a teacher because I felt I should have been able to teach my students well with CPM. And then when we got to trying Pearson, I felt like we got more regular weather and also more “regular” textbooks. I didn’t really use the textbooks all that much but I know my colleagues preferred them. I fully believe that with more (than two hours of) training and a little bit better circumstances, we could have been super successful with CPM, but I guess we’ll never know.

I got my first complaint to the district office from a parent. Apparently my playing of the Quadratic Formula Song three or four times in a row to help my honors class memorize it was “damaging to my student’s mental health”. I learned about this about two weeks after the fact from my principal coming in laughing and saying it shouldn’t affect my teaching and that this was one of the funniest complaints he’s heard, but I honestly wasn’t laughing about it. I never heard anything from the student or parent myself and it made me feel like I should put no more effort into having fun. But then I realized that I can’t please everyone and me moping about it wasn’t helping all my other students, some of whom were still singing the Quadratic Formula song to themselves or making up songs to other things.

I also had a really tough time with relationships this year and especially second semester. I felt like no matter how hard I tried to connect, I wouldn’t get any closer to having good relationships and motivating my students. The other teachers on my team expressed the same things. I remember saying multiple times how this should have been the easiest year so far in terms of workload and not having lots of outside of work stuff going on, but this year I felt like I was working so much more than I ever had. I ended up having the highest percentage of students failing my class than ever and no matter how many different things I tried, nothing was working. Until I started having my students do Advocating Forms! I learned about these from Sara from her post The #1 thing I did in my support math classes. I will try to blog about those myself some time because they really made a difference!

I also learned right at the start of second semester that three of my students had attempted suicide over Winter Break and that really screwed me up for a while. Even though I was assured that they had nothing to do with my class, I was so scared of doing anything that could provoke suicidal feelings. It still bothers me that I don’t really know what happened, but I also am sure now that relationships are even more important. And not just my relationships with the students, but how the students treat each other. I need to do more to make sure my students treat each other with respect 100% of the time and value each others’ thoughts.

I also need to not get too down on myself if my efforts aren’t working. I know that’s easy to say and not so easy to do, but this post will serve as a reminder that I am putting in effort and that’s what matters. When I fail at something, I need to do what I tell my students every day and have a growth mindset and keep trying. Especially because I really wasn’t totally failing – we still accomplished a lot of great things this last semester and I know my students learned a lot.



So yeah, in the end, I guess it was a big learning year. I learned:

  • Sometimes there are circumstances that cause something to not work so well, but that’s ok. Recognize when things are out of your control and move on to doing the cool things you’re doing to help the kids.
  • You can’t please everyone and don’t let one student hurt others
  • It’s imperative that all students treat each other with respect in my room. I can make this happen more by incorporating activities where students are valuing each others’ thoughts. I look forward to doing more #VNPS and more debate and CPM group strategies and Stand and Talks (another one from Sara) and some more that I’ll try to blog about later.
  • Even though some things aren’t working, you can’t forget about the stuff that is working and keep trying at those other things.

L’année prochaine sera meilleure!

2018-2019 Teacher Report Card Results

I thought about not posting because everyone will see and I didn’t think the results were great but then I realized how helpful it is for me in my reflection. Now that I’ve really looked the results over thoroughly, I realize it’s not as bad as I thought. In all my Likert scale questions, my scores decreased from last year. But not drastic. There were some scores and comments that stung and then some that made me realize that my students didn’t all hate everything as much as some of them made it seem…a reflection on the year post is to follow with more goals for next year. But for now, the survey…

Here’s the survey I used (it will force you to make a copy if you want to see it): https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16Ds-SMJdN1hIRkt4P7LbuoQEOsEiVvKFfHNjIeJJMT0/copy?usp=sharing. It was modeled after Matt Vaudrey’s Teacher Report Card and others that I’ve seen over the years and adapted from my previous ones.

I had 96 out of 125 students respond. I posted the survey in Google Classroom in the last week of school while we were studying for finals and gave about 20 minutes in class to do it one day, but it took most students about 10-15 minutes and they said it was very long. This is a mix of my one Honors Geometry class and my four Algebra I classes. It is mostly freshmen.

I think that Mrs. Grayson:

  • Respects each student: 4.71
  • Tries to understand her students: 4.35
  • Does a good job of treating all students how they deserve to be treated: 4.57
  • Explains topics clearly: 3.64
  • Seems to enjoy teaching: 4.41
  • Shows interest in students’ lives: 3.83
  • Makes me feel important: 3.80
  • Keeps the class under control without being too tough: 3.95
  • Would always answer my questions if I had any: 4.36
  • Adequately challenged me: 4.18
  • Did her best to make class interesting: 4.23
  • Grades fairly: 4.375
  • Expects me to do my best: 4.66
  • Cares about her students: 4.47
  • Loves math: 4.76

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.37.57 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 4.38.31 PM.png

What do you like BEST about class with Mrs. Grayson? (some put multiple things in their answers so that’s why it won’t add up to 96)

  • Games/Quizlet Live/Quizizz (18)
  • She’s fun/interesting (8)
  • Friends/classmates to work with/group work (7)
  • Plickers (6)
  • Her help/always being willing to help (6)
  • Warm Ups (6)
  • Extensive notes (6) and talking about new topics
  • Got a lot of practice/review (4)
  • She cares about her students’ growth (4)
  • The topics (3)
  • She’s nice/polite (3)
  • Less homework (2)
  • DetlaMath (2)
  • It was laid back/chill (2)
  • Her talk of marching band
  • It was quiet
  • Her confidence
  • Her giving me a good grade
  • She’s energetic
  • Graysonmath.com
  • High fives
  • She makes math easy but not at the same time
  • Everything
  • She’s always excited to teach everything
  • She listens
  • April Fool’s Day
  • Nothing/idk (4)

How can Mrs. Grayson improve her teaching for next year?

  • Control the class/be more strict/be meaner/tougher (13)
  • Nothing (12)
  • Explain better/in more detail/more (12)
  • Idk (9)
  • Do more activities/games (7)
  • Slow down/make sure everyone understands before moving on (6)
  • More/better notes/packets (5)
  • More homework (4)
  • DeltaMath shouldn’t count as a grade/No DeltaMath (2)
  • Do tutor days
  • Make the practice more like the tests
  • Do more competitive things
  • Present new topics better
  • Do more mathketball
  • Challenge students more
  • Get on students more about grades
  • Less work
  • Give video tutorials
  • Give more interesting units
  • No warm ups
  • More group activities
  • Be more fun
  • Plickers (?)
  • Teach in a different language
  • Not as much switching seats
  • Give more time to complete assignments
  • More DelaMath instead of MathXL
  • No Advocating Forms
  • Don’t make things sound as fun as you think they are
  • Let loose a little bit
  • Not have a hot room

You find out that your friend has Mrs. Grayson next year. What do you tell him/her? (Note: dropping the class is not an option)

  • Actually pay attention/focus (22)
  • Ask questions/for help if you need it/go in after school (10)
  • It’s fun (8)
  • Try your best (5)
  • She’s a good teacher (5)
  • Be respectful/nice (5)
  • Take notes (4)
  • She’s nice (4)
  • Study (3)
  • Do your Delta Math (3)
  • It’s easy (4)
  • Do your work (3)
  • Do the reviews (2)
  • Turn in your work on time (2)
  • You don’t need to worry because you will get all the help you need (2)
  • She will support you no matter what (2)
  • Take advantage of quiz corrections and retakes (2)
  • Practice (2)
  • Make sure you have someone else you know that can help you
  • ALWAYS bring a jacket
  • Participate
  • She has good intentions
  • Plickers are good
  • Keep trying even though you fail
  • Take it easy because she teaches well
  • Mrs. Grayson is a very chill teacher and is also very understanding, she will help you when you need it and if you need a challenge she will give it to you
  • She’s too nice
  • Actually do your work when its due, they are lucky to have her because Mrs. Grayson lets stuff be late but she still grades stuff and most teachers don’t let you have that chance. she is a very nice and understanding teacher. I am lucky to have her freshman year.
  • Use graysonmath.com
  • Keep track of your Friday Free Writes
  • She is chill and doesn’t give a lot of work
  • It’s ok
  • Most of your grade comes from quizzes
  • You will learn a lot of new things and be challenged but will also have fun
  • Do good
  • Be prepared, she’s got tricks up her sleeve, have fun. And don’t underestimate her, she’ll get ya.
  • Check your reflections
  • Be patient
  • Get used to her teaching style
  • She’s the best
  • Beware of April fools day, if Mrs. Grayson does the same thing this year as she did last year and you don’t take French, you may have a hard time understanding her.
  • Watch out for the wasps
  • Ask for another teacher
  • I’m sorry
  • Idk/nothing (4)

What is something Mrs. Grayson should keep doing next year?

  • Games (14)
  • Warm Ups (11)
  • Plickers (6)
  • DeltaMath (6)
  • Teaching/being a teacher/her job (4)
  • Everything (4)
  • Group work (3)
  • Helping (3)
  • Notes (3)
  • Her way of teaching (3)
  • Being fun (2)
  • Giving practice problems (2)
  • Switching seats (2)
  • High fives (2)
  • Teaching good (2)
  • Not giving much homework (2)
  • Graysonmath.com
  • Seating arrangement
  • Posting the worksheet answers for reference
  • Giving people numbers
  • Reviews
  • Being energetic
  • Chromebook activities
  • Mathketball
  • Cornell Notes
  • Notes packets
  • Google Classroom
  • Quiz retakes
  • The Tin Man
  • Making teaching interesting
  • Work days
  • Nothing
  • Idk (4)

What is something Mrs. Grayson should change for next year? 

  • Nothing (8)
  • Idk (6)
  • Warm Ups (6)
  • Her attitude/be less nice/be more strict (5)
  • Spread out tests/units (5)
  • Seating chart (5)
  • DeltaMath (4)
  • Give more homework (3)
  • Notes (2)
  • Less DeltaMath (2)
  • Less homework (2)
  • The seats/desks (2)
  • Don’t change seats as often (2)
  • More Plickers
  • DeltaMath shouldn’t count as a grade
  • More DeltaMath
  • No more long MathXLs
  • More challenges
  • My grade
  • No more Friday Free Writes
  • Less reviews
  • The way she explains
  • Review games
  • More time explaining
  • Less work
  • Less worksheets
  • Change the way she stimulates the class works
  • Let people pick their own tables
  • The classroom
  • Put color into the room
  • Due dates
  • Give more examples
  • Give more help
  • Make it clearer that struggling students will fail if they don’t pay attention and get help
  • Change seats more often
  • More group work
  • Let us use the board more often
  • More notes
  • Presentation of new topics
  • No Advocating Forms
  • Make Advocating forms extra credit
  • Using the workbooks
  • Pick the groups out to help the students in their working conditions

What is something Mrs. Grayson should stop doing next year?

  • Nothing (12)
  • Idk (9)
  • DeltaMath (7)
  • Tests
  • Reflections after tests (2)
  • Quadratic Formula Song
  • Grade Tracker Sheets
  • Quizlet Live
  • Advocating Forms
  • Popsicle Sticks (2)
  • Google Classroom homework
  • Warm Ups (5)
  • Saying “ask your group”
  • Letting people pick their group
  • Moving seats
  • MathXL (2)
  • Having another teacher in the room
  • Mindset Moments
  • Friday Free Writes (2)
  • Changing seats (4)
  • Plickers
  • Crying at night
  • Being so nice (3)
  • Quizizz
  • Seating
  • Giving time to work in class because some students don’t use the time wisely
  • Groups (2)
  • Lying to us
  • Weekly Summaries (2)
  • Letting non-band members in her class

What is something Mrs. Grayson should change about her classroom?

  • Seating arrangement (14)
  • Nothing (11)
  • Idk (6)
  • More colors (6)
  • Seats/desks (6)
  • More decorations (4)
  • The temperature (2)
  • More posters (3)
  • More math posters that we can use during the units (3)
  • Have it be more comforting/welcoming (3)
  • The layout (2)
  • Better boards
  • The Chromebooks “try to persuade the school board to replace these old cromebooks because these are probably the slowest and least functioning chromebooks in the school.”
  • More plants
  • The bees
  • The location
  • Add more things

What is something that’s memorable from this class?

  • My classmates/friends (21)
  • Games/winning (13)
  • Idk/nothing (6)
  • Mathketball (5)
  • Mrs. Grayson speaking in French for the entire period/April Fools (4)
  • Tin Man (3)
  • When we got pie/Pi Day (3)
  • Calculators/new calculators (3)
  • The jokes/laughs (3)
  • All the help you gave me even though I struggled at first (2)
  • Plickers (2)
  • “2nd + 7 1 2” (2)
  • Warm Ups (2)
  • Math (2)
  • I had fun (2)
  • Being able to pick music
  • How much I felt welcomed and smart
  • Good learning environment
  • Friday Free Writes
  • Probability
  • Colors on the chairs
  • The wasps
  • How she thinks she’s good at basketball
  • When I did good on a test
  • When I brought my grade up
  • Delta Math
  • Being stuck on math problems but having peers and teachers there to help out
  • Math Wall of Shame
  • 1st day of school
  • Getting the math
  • Mrs. Grayson’s funny responses
  • Mrs. Grayson’s Illini thing
  • That I almost failed

What is one word you would use to describe this class?


Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 6.55.43 PM

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 6.56.07 PM.png

What comments do you have about how Mrs. Grayson did homework? (not required)

  • I liked that there wasn’t that much (12)
  • It worked/was good (6)
  • It was easy (4)
  • I’d rather have paper homework (4)
  • Having them online instead of a physical copy tends to make me forget it (3)
  • Keep it the same (3)
  • I didn’t understand it (3)
  • The examples on Delta Math didn’t really help me because it wasn’t always the same way we learned in class (2)
  • Don’t like Delta Math (2)
  • Why is it so hard? (2)
  • Why?
  • I feel like she knows we have more than just this hard class so she tries to not give us hw
  • There’s not enough class time to do the work
  • MathXL doesn’t work at home
  • It helped me get my grade up
  • It was easy for people that play sports
  • I don’t like the 1-off penalty on Delta Math
  • I like that we did Delta Math in class sometimes
  • Don’t do homework
  • I didn’t like that you didn’t give extra credit
  • It was hard to do on my own
  • It helped
  • I didn’t like it
  • I like it better online
  • Do like 3 a week
  • It was fun

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 7.06.49 PM.png

What do you think the benefits to the Daily Warm Ups were?

  • Got us thinking/ready to do math right away (48)
  • Nothing (7)
  • It showed us different strategies (5)
  • We learned more (5)
  • Idk (4)
  • We worked together as a class/group (4)
  • It was fun (3)
  • Not having to think right away/got to relax (2)
  • Helped with math skills (2)
  • It gets your hyped/excited (2)
  • Higher order thinking (2)
  • It helped us remember (2)
  • Gave us a better mindset
  • It was easy
  • It expanded your creativity

What do you think the drawbacks to the Daily Warm Ups were?

  • Nothing/idk (15)
  • Takes time/gets in the way of class time on the work (39)
  • Boring (2)
  • Some people don’t care about them and give bad answers on purpose (3)
  • People did not pay attention/participate (10)
  • Not related to the subject (4)
  • Had to work with the team

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 7.23.44 PM.png

What comments do you have about Mrs. Grayson’s absent work procedure? (not required)

  • It works well (24)
  • You need to explain more (7)
  • It’s not very clear/confusing (3)
  • It’s organized (2)
  • It’s easy to forget about it
  • I liked having my work automatically set up
  • It should be posted on Google Classroom
  • She does the work for you and explains if you ask its great
  • It was fair
  • It was good that she told us when we had something in the absent bin
  • The bin should be more at the front of the class
  • Needs bigger print

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 7.28.53 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-07-08 at 7.29.19 PM.png

What comments do you have about how Mrs. Grayson changed seats? (not required)

  • It’s good (14)
  • It should happen less often (9)
  • It was nice to meet new people/get to know everyone (8)
  • It should happen more often (4)
  • It should happen every week (3)
  • It should happen every unit (2)
  • We should pick our own seats (2)
  • It’s unique (2)
  • It should be picked so the students will do their best work (2)
  • It should be more relaxed
  • I like how we got to pick at the end of the year
  • It can sometimes get tiring
  • It shouldn’t be random
  • I liked that you wouldn’t be around the same person all year
  • I didn’t like it
  • I didn’t like being with new people
  • It balances out everyone
  • I understand that you need to learn how to work with other people and that those are real life skills that the changing of seats helped with but i didn’t like it. If you have someone in your group who a. Never works, b. is constantly asking for answers, or c. you don’t get a long with it makes the period even longer and more annoying than it had to be, especially since we had so many group interactions.
  • I didn’t like it because some worked well together

What else should Mrs. Grayson have asked about in this survey? (not required)

  • How did students treat other students?
  • Do you like math?
  • How did you like the assistant teacher?
  • What letter grade would you give Mrs. Grayson?
  • Did you get along with your classmates?
  • How did you feel about Delta Math?
  • Did you like the class?
  • How do you think Mrs. Grayson should change the way she gives HW?
  • Did you learn?
  • Did you have fun?
  • What was your least favorite memory?
  • Did you like the Advocating Forms?
  • more about warm ups
  • Was her room hot?

Anything else you want to say to Mrs. Grayson? (not required)

  • You were a pretty great teacher but the way you teach is pretty complicated. I think you should explain more about the problems and make sure that EVERY student knows
  • i enjoyed your class
  • thanks for teaching me this year
  • thanks for a almost great year
  • the survey was very long
  • Have a good summer
  • no,, good luck next year
  • i will miss her over the summer and as a teacher for next year
  • thank you for helping me through my freshmen year
  • Thank you Mrs. Grayson for the help
  • Have a great summer..
  • hi
  • have a nice summer !
  • hope you have a great summer
  • ill miss you
  • Thank you for being a great teacher and having patience with me that a lot of teachers dont
  • Have a good summer.
  • your an amazing teacher and thank you for preparing me for next year
  • Thanks for being a great teacher and always being their for us also have a great summer !!!!
  • have a fun summer
  • your doing great and I liked having you as a teacher
  • have a good summer
  • I’m glad I had the privilege to be your student.
  • you are a great teacher and you are one of my favorites
  • Have a great summer!
  • Have a fun summer
  • Have a good summer! 😛
  • thank you for taking your time with me 🙂
  • thank you for being an amazing teacher