Goals for 2019-2020 School Year


So I do this fun thing where I have my Feedly following a ton of #MTBoS blogs and I can never keep up but I’ll read a few a day for a while and I’ll bounce between looking at the newest to the oldest to scrolling to somewhere in the middle. I’m now at all blogs between 3 months ago and 23 months ago. And guess what was coming back 23 months ago – Sunday Funday! I am pretty sure I missed it then, but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it now! So the first prompt was Goals. And here are mine.

(P.S. 24 months ago was #TMC17 and it looks like I missed out on some awesome stuff, but it’s still so fun to see all the excitement in everyone’s blog posts and I really wish I could have gone and seen my #TMC16 friends again because I don’t know if I ever will again and I miss them and that was the best time ever)

START in the Classroom:

  • Stand and Talks (Thank you Amy for confirming that this is amazing in this post and reminding me of it). I am so so so excited about these and I think my students will really be successful with them. Could #debatemath be tied into this?
  • Incorporate some sort of collection of work probably in Google Slides where I have at least one thing from each student. I’m thinking something like Jeniffer’s Review ebook. But I want to have students adding to it all year, maybe?
  • Make a bigger deal about birthdays. Every learner will get a day for them.
  • Class Instagram. Still do the class Twitter, but add Instagram and maybe even have learners be the ones that take the pics. When I asked Twitter about this, I got an overwhelming response to do both!
  • Focus on Vocabulary! I’m teaching Geometry for the first time since I taught it in summer school for a couple years back when I first started teaching. Vocab can really be a killer there, but there’s also a ton of vocab in Algebra I that I should have already focused on. I have a high ELL population and this will help them so much along with helping my other learners. I don’t know where in my room I can do a Word Wall, but I’m also thinking of doing something like Tally Talks from Sara and more Desmos Polygraph with Andrew’s Vocab Jar. I also think just having vocab projected on the board during #VNPS and Stand and Talk time and all the time will be super helpful and super doable.

(RE)CONTINUE in the Classroom:

  • Family Connections. Call every working phone number once at the beginning of the year to introduce to the class. If I get behind, I can not call the five that show up to open house. Last year was the first year I didn’t do this and I definitely felt like there were families I never connected with, even with my Weekly Summaries. And now that my district is using Gmail, I want to take advantage of the Schedule Send to make sure I don’t forget about my unit newsletters. I need to keep family communication a priority.
  • Focus on my language. I’ve done pretty well with changing “students” to “learners”, and I started being good about not using “guys” but fell off the wagon there. Gotta get back on that wagon and also maybe add that I’m not gonna say “point” for decimals (totally agree with Sara here because my biggest setback with using Delta Math this year was rounding). This also makes me think of the “13 Rules That Expire” by Karp, Bush, and Dougherty and I saw their presentation at NCTM Chicago Regional 2017 and it wanted me to change all my words. Also Nix the Trix. But I’m gonna try to start small and go with stopping saying “guys” and “point” this year.
  • More #VNPS. I have a room with a pretty good setup of Vertical whiteboards. They don’t erase very well, but I have students that usually enjoy cleaning them in my Advisory. I need to utilize them more than I did last year.
  • Delta Math. I went a couple years with not really giving practice for homework. But last year I added in Delta Math and we did plenty of it in class but I ended up having a due date because it actually helped a bit with motivation. I learned a lot about assigning Delta Math and how much is appropriate. I also know that most of my colleagues will be using MathXL (we piloted it last year) and Delta Math is way more accessible to my students outside of school because they can do it much easier on their phones. My Delta Math assignments will continue to be unit-long assignments that don’t get graded until the end, but I will have recommended due dates for certain topics.
  • Puzzles. This year I kept a few Hanayama metal puzzles and the year before I had Christopher’s Tiling Turtles. I think it’s a guarantee that at least one thing will end up broken/lost, but maybe that’s worth it for the joy it creates. Gotta find somewhere besides my desk to keep them…or maybe I don’t because it’s good to keep an eye on them. Decisions for later.

STOP in the Classroom:

  • Working harder than most of my students.
  • Blaming their Standards Based Grading history (Freshman year is the first year they don’t have SBG) on their attitudes. I need to focus on what we can do now to help.
  • Feeling bad when I’m not available to help after school every day. I need to set office hours and realize that one kid that was asking for help that one day will be ok waiting a day or two or help them help themselves.


  • Become Google Level 2 Certified.
  • Play more percussion.
  • Be more involved in the #MTBoS because the times when I am, I am the happiest.
  • Learn to cook 1 new thing every month. I can no longer say I’m a terrible cook like I used to 🙂 but I still would like more variety and after getting married and getting stuff from the registry I have all the kitchen tools to make more cooking happen!
  • Stay in #FitBos. The Married 15 was no myth. My biggest fear (no joke) is having to shop for new clothes because I hate shopping for clothes.

I already set a reminder in Google Keep to check in with this post to see how I’m doing in a month. There’s a lot of goals here, but if I keep checking in, I am confident I can do a lot of them this year.

Je suis la plus heureuse quand je suis avec vous, le #MTBoS.

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