Intro Webquest and Survey


So I’m just gonna keep using the 2017-2018 Sunday Funday prompts because it’s fun. I pretty much have done the same thing at the beginning of the year for the last two years because it’s gone really well. One important day is when I have learners get acquainted with my class website and Google Classroom. They also use this time to answer questions for me about themselves. It’s not the first day, but definitely in the first five.

I’m pretty sure I got this webquest idea from I Speak Math but now I can’t find it but it was from at least four years ago…Anyway I’ve set up all my Google Classroom classes to look like this:

Learners will be instructed to find their Chromebook number and I will give them the class code. The rest of the period will be for them to complete assignments #001 and #002. Most will get it done in that period, but I will have some that take longer for various reasons and also absent/not-yet enrolled learners so I made the due date at the end of the second full week of school.

The Pre-Class Survey is compiled of questions I’ve gathered from the #MTBoS over time and things I’ve realized I wanted to know right away. I make it a point to look at this survey right away and again for the next few days and again after a week and again after another week. I don’t want to miss anything. It also really helps me learn my learners’ names because I can start associating them with their thoughts.

The things I look for immediately (after the medical question) are the answers to “I want to get a good grade” and “I will enjoy coming to math class”. If there are any No’s to that one, those are my immediate contacts. I also share with the class the next week what they think the purpose of homework is and what they think their grade should show so we can have a conversation about making that a reality. The question with the character count goes into some of my first class tweets. The language questions also help me plan for if when I need translators for when I send home emails and when I’m making my welcome phone calls. All the questions with the agreement scales will be compared with later results when they get those questions again. I tried not to include questions that were superfluous (one of my new favorite words). Feedback is welcome.

You can copy the survey with this link: Pre-Class Survey

Then, there is the Webquest. I want them to figure out that the class website should be their go-to place for questions if I’m not around (or honestly if I am around but they can answer themselves).

This forces them to go to almost every page on the website. #4 is where I will make sure they have the Share to Classroom extension installed. And the Desmos activity at the end is the Pool Border Problem. In the past, I’ve done Central Park, but I think this one may be better for the first Desmos task because I get to see pretty much the same content, but it explains a little more about using Desmos and has the sketch tool and leads into what we’re going to do when we use Visual Patterns in our warm ups. And it’s more summer-themed!

You can copy the webquest with this link: Intro Webquest

Feedback is very welcome. What should be added/changed/deleted?

C’est beaucoup mais c’est nécessaire.

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